What Problem Do You Solve?

What Problem Do You Solve?

Article Written by RevGrow’s Amanda Beasley

When does someone need your solution? When they have a problem.

You may have the best product or service, but if you don’t show how it solves someone’s problem, they will never be compelled to buy.

In an earlier post, we discussed how each person is the hero of their own story. As we discuss you being their problem-solver, it is important that you don’t try to become the hero, rushing in to save the day.

Position your product or solution as the tool that the hero/customer can use to overcome their challenges:

·      Vilify Challenges

·      Draw Them into Your Solution

·      Empower Your Hero

Vilify Challenges

Each day our customers run up against challenges, big and small. Some are little annoyances that slow down their day. Others might stop work, hinder profits or prevent them from accomplishing their goals.

These challenges are the villains to achieving the success our customers desire. Your solution may give them back time in their day by assisting them with the small challenges. Or it may be the machine that produces their product. Either way, these challenges are preventing our hero from achieving the next level of success.

By positioning your product or service as the antidote to these problems, you are giving your customer the tools to slay the villain to their hero. When they are the hero who slays the villain, they win! Your goal should always be that you give your customer the tool(s) that enables them to win.

Draw Them into Your Solution

Through the years, most advertising dollars, emails, social media posts, billboards and websites have been focused toward telling the customer how great you are and how special your solution is. You focus on your experience, your know-how, your years in business, etc. While this is impressive, it’s not what drives a customer to buy.

Your history, your skills, even testimonials, demonstrate your authority in your area of expertise. These can be differentiators from competitors. People like to know that you can do what you say; however, until you demonstrate how you can solve a problem your customer is having, you will not make the sale.

Invite your customers into the story of how your solution is the tool that helps them save the day. Testimonials should focus on how, specifically, your solution helped someone tackle one of their challenges.

The more you can demonstrate how you alleviate a major problem for a customer, the more you will draw them to your solution.

Empower Your Hero

To be clear, vilifying the problem doesn’t mean scaring or upsetting our customers. One of the quickest ways to turn people away is to scare them, make them sad or otherwise make them unhappy.

We’ve all turned away from the sad puppy commercials or put off opening an email or letter that we know will upset us. You never want your marketing to be the bearer of bad news.

Your marketing should be a bright spot in your customer’s day. Acknowledge their real problems, don’t manufacture problems or exaggerate the outcome just for a sale. People will see through these baiting techniques.

Be straight-forward, address the problem, and empower them to solve those villainous challenges. Empowering your hero, giving them the “win,” will make them feel good about what they are doing. In turn, it will make you their go-to solution.

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