Who Is The Hero In Your Sales Cycle?

Who is the Hero in Your Sales Cycle?



Article Written by Revgrow’s Amanda Beasley

Why do you do what you do? Why did you get into this business?

The obvious answer is “to make money.” However, you believed you could make money because you believed someone else would find value in the product of service you provide. Plenty of companies and business owners get so wrapped up in the day-to-day, they forget about the actual customer.

In business-to-business (B2B) companies, it’s important to remember that sales, marketing and service are all still human-to-human interactions. Are you connecting on the human level? Do you see your business as a service to others?

Let’s think about the people we are serving with our businesses. Whether they are the CEO, the procurement specialist, the marketing executive or the IT technician, they all have something in common: they are the hero of their own story. Our purpose in their life is to guide or help them be the hero.

If the decision-maker can show they made the right decision by employing your goods or services, then they receive kudos. If the IT tech is able to provide a quick solution to an issue because they learned your technique or called your help desk, they save the day.

How are you nurturing your prospect? When you are at the beginning of the sales cycle, are you showcasing how the client’s life is better because they are working with you? Are you giving them reasons to continue the conversation with you? Are you showing them you value them for more than just the sale?

There are a few simple ways to show a prospect how much you value them:

Listen to learn – Understanding your customer will not only help you with this sale, but it will help with future sales. Discover what is working for them. More importantly, discover what isn’t. Learn the pain points so you can address them.

Give them something – Most people like free things. In a B2B setting, what will position them as the hero are things like:

  • A simple tip or solution to a small problem they are facing
  • Tip sheets for things they can apply before they hire you
  • Articles that build their knowledge
  • Articles they can share to establish their authority
  • A free trial of your product or service
  • A small token of appreciation.

Ask seemingly unrelated questions – You will likely ask questions to understand their needs and pain points to demonstrate how your solution can help or fix the issue. Have you considered asking questions related to other parts of their job? For example, if you know they are busiest during the first quarter, ask them about how they manage their time or deal with temporary staff they bring in to help. Give them a reason to share their tips and ideas with you. Show them you value their skills.

Stay in touch – While not all prospects are ready to sign within days or weeks of your first conversation, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good prospects. However, they don’t want to just hear from you with a “touching base to see where we are” call. You want to nurture them. Send more articles, product or service update news. Better yet, if you see a positive story about them or their company in the news, send them a note congratulating them and asking a question unrelated to your product or service.

In today’s social economy, if you aren’t connecting on a meaningful level, you are missing sales. What better way to connect with your business prospects than on LinkedIn? At RevGrow, we have developed a plan that will keep you engaged with your prospects, showing them how much you value them. We take a personal, human-to-human approach with each prospect.

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