7 Keys to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page

You have a company website, so why have a company page on LinkedIn? Here’s why…

57 million companies have a presence on LinkedIn. Are you one of them or are you missing out on the visibility?

With over 196 million users in North America, and 756 million worldwide, LinkedIn drives more than 64% of social traffic to B2B sites and 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for business growth.

Why LinkedIn?

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If talent acquisition is of primary importance to you, as it is with many accounting firms, LinkedIn can be an extremely useful tool for your firm. Over 40 million people search for jobs on LinkedIn each week with over 15 million open jobs on LinkedIn Jobs. Three people are hired every minute on LinkedIn.

If you are currently and plan to continue offering a fully remote or even hybrid work location, consider that LinkedIn has over 300 thousand remote job postings in the U.S. alone. In 2020, between March and December, the number of remote job postings in the U.S. increased six fold. And you can’t afford to miss out on the talent base when over 60% of LinkedIn’s users are millennials.

Position your firm for business growth and talent acquisition by taking these 7 key steps to create an optimized LinkedIn Company page.

1. Create a Client-Centric Company Page

Your goal is to make it clear to visitors that you help people just like them overcome problems and achieve specific goals. Position your firm’s brand with a client-facing page to show your prospects that your firm is a trusted advisor and can solve problems just like theirs. It’s not about selling or talking about the benefits of your firm. Identify their pain points and lead them to the solution, your solution.

The best About section speaks directly to those in your prospect persona and leaves them with a call to action such as “follow us,” “contact us,” “visit our website,” or “go to our career site.” You have 2000 characters to position yourself as an authority in your space. Use it to convert page views to followers who want what you’re offering.

Key Takeaway: Position your company brand with a client-facing About section to show you are someone prospects will know, like, and trust.

Tip: Check your website URL links routinely to ensure they’re working properly and linking to the right pages.

2. Demonstrate Your Company Culture

Whether you are showing your firm as an engaged member of your community that businesses want to work with or as a great place to work for high caliber talent, your LinkedIn page is the perfect place to share your company culture. Include news about your firm helping your community. Celebrate client wins. Share the news about your employees’ success both at work and in life.

Key Takeaway: Don’t wait for the interview (client or job) to share your company culture. Show how you are living your mission and values each day.

If budget allows and talent acquisition is a priority, consider a LinkedIn Career Page to spotlight your company culture and job opportunities.

3. Take Advantage of the Features

Add a custom Call To Action Button.

As with all aspects of your company page, you can change the Call To Action button to suit your current campaign focus. It’s likely you’ll want to direct prospects to your website, but which page? Or if talent acquisition is your focus at the moment, choose Learn more and direct them to your careers page. You can change the button in the Edit Page window.

Add up to 20 Specialties.

Think keywords and searchability. What will your ideal prospect type in when searching for solutions to their problems? Add it. Also found in the Edit Page window, in the About Overview section

Add 3 #Hashtags to associate with your page.

Your company page will be able to respond (like, comment, and share) to posts in those hashtag feeds. Consider your brand’s hashtag, what your competitors might use, and what your prospects would search or use. Add them in the Community Hashtags section of the Edit Page window.

Create an Event.

Create an event and invite followers and connections to attend. This feature is located in the Admin tools (on the right).

Create a Showcase Page.

Highlight individual brands, business units, and initiatives of your firm with an affiliated page (up to 10). Also located in the Admin tools drop-down menu.

Key Takeaway: On average, completed pages get 30% more traffic. Be sure to take advantage of the LinkedIn features.

Tip: Schedule a quarterly review of your company page. Update your page to support your current business focus and find the latest features LinkedIn offers.

4. Develop Content Strategy

Share value-added content that your prospects can use. Without value, the content you share will be useless to your target audience. Your content strategy must be informative, relevant, and high-quality. Crafting your strategy starts with defining your objective and then sharing valuable free content that fits that objective. By offering a mix of original content like posts, tip sheets, videos, eBooks, checklists, and guides, you can remain top of mind, positioning your firm as an authority in your field.

Key Takeaway: Craft a content strategy to stay top of mind with clients and prospects.

Tip: Be consistent! If you decide your strategy will be a weekly post, then post weekly for the next 52 weeks. See Step 7 for systematizing your content strategy.

5. Build Your Followers

Leverage your 1st degree connections and invite clients, leads and prospects to follow your company page. Add your partners’ as admins and leverage their 1st degree connections. Invite their leads and prospects to follow the firm’s company page. You have 100 invitation credits each month, use them. The invite credits are returned as the invitations to follow the page are accepted.

Key Takeaway: Leverage connections and actively build your following by inviting 1st degree connections

Tip: Use the filters and focus your invites by location, company, school or industry.

6. Expand Your Visibility with Brand Ambassadors

Encourage your employees to connect their profiles to your page in their current position, especially your partners and top-level executives. Your firm will then be visible to their professional networks. Help your partners and staff optimize their profiles by sharing best practices, offering brand approved banners, and provide training on using LinkedIn.

Key Takeaway: Share best practices with your employees for a client-facing profile to show that they are also someone prospects will know, like, and trust.

Tip: Share the 7 Keys to a Client-Centric Profile and help them optimize their profiles.

7. Systemize & Simplify Activities

Developing a system capable of managing your LinkedIn Company Page activities is essential to your success. Schedules, tasks, tracking sheets, and CRMs can significantly improve your playbook. Calendars, spreadsheets, and software tools can be powerful assets that add value to your brand and help you remain top of mind with your clients and prospects.

Key Takeaway: The sooner you find monotony, rhythm, and routine the better.

Tip: Use the 52 Week Content Calendar Template to create and schedule content in chunks.

Time to Take Action

Don’t let LinkedIn and these 7 key steps to an optimized LinkedIn company page sit on the shelf while someone else builds their visibility. Map out your content strategy and build your followers. Commit to taking action on each of the seven steps to build your firm’s presence on LinkedIn.

Check out the 7 Steps to Grow Your Revenue with LinkedIn. You’ll notice from that article which was published in February 2021, the number of LinkedIn users has increased from 738 million to over 756 million users. LinkedIn updates their membership numbers quarterly after Microsoft Earnings. Don’t miss out on being seen by your prospects.

Need help with your LinkedIn process, then we should talk.

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