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We believe in growth

connecting business to markets, people to products and services.

We believe in partnership

working with you to deliver your message and putting you in front of those who need to hear it.

We believe in results

 delivering exceptional service that helps you to achieve sales targets and increase revenue. 

Headshot of Mark McIntosh - Founder of RevGrow

Mark McIntosh began his career as a CPA/MBA and quickly discovered his true passion lay in interpersonal connections – specifically in business development and sales. With his dedication to helping businesses relationships grow, he immersed himself in marketing, mastering the technical innovations of digital marketing and multi-channel sales. Recognizing the potential of LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, Mark took a leap of faith and built RevGrow.


For 7 years, Mark and his team have achieved remarkable success, devising a versatile multi-channel strategy for generating and converting leads to your business’s needs.

RevGrow is your B2B lead generation and conversion specialist. We love what we do and are passionate about helping our clients succeed. We have the experience, networks, and resources to create and implement multi-channel lead generation systems that consistently exceed your business goals.

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Why work with RevGrow

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No long-term contracts

We keep your business by producing results, not by a contractual obligation. We deliver outstanding value and service every month.

A result oriented marketing team

We deliver results

  • Up to 100+ highly targeted new prospect connections per week.
  • 6-12 qualified appointments per month.
  • Brand Visibility. Be seen in the top 3% of your field on LinkedIn.
Brainstorming Marketing ideas

We work in partnership with you.

Our highly qualified consultants provide customized strategies throughout your entire sales cycle, maximizing results. This includes brand and content strategy, custom messaging, lead nurturing, appointment readiness, and conversion optimization.

Meet the RevGrow Team

Sarah Pulliam
Sarah Pulliam

Account Manager

Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick

Account Manager

Lori Reichner
Lori Reichner

Executive Assistant

What our clients say about us

Mark McIntosh and the RevGrow team are not only extremely knowledgeable about marketing and converting cold contacts into leads/sales on LinkedIn, but are also right there with you along the way and a true partner ensuring your success.

Valerie Lewis
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