Do You Offer High-ticket Services or Products and Need a Steady Flow of New Customers?

  • Get ongoing leads & appointments with your ideal prospects
  • Make a great first impression & win more business
  • Stay Top-of-Mind & nurture leads & prospects into sales & clients
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What We Do

RevGrow is a B2B Linkedin Marketing & Lead Generation firm headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We help Consulting firms and Business Owners increase revenues by generating a steady flow of qualified leads and targeted C-level appointments, while positioning you as the authority in your field and someone your prospects will know, like and trust.

We do this by utilizing systematic and proven methods that leverage LinkedIn, content marketing, email, and inbound marketing technologies.

We also provide a variety of sales coaching and consulting services to help you make a powerful first impression during sales meetings, remain top-of-mind with key prospects and ultimately win more business.

Our approach is less about selling & more about helping to position you as someone who is interested in adding value and building relationships—so you don’t appear as an annoying salesperson, but a trusted advisor. So, when your prospects are ready to buy, you get the call, while your competitors will be left out in the cold.

LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Generate a steady flow of quality leads with target prospects
  • Leverage content marketing, Outbound messaging, LinkedIN groups, and inbound lead generation technology
  • Fully-Outsourced, done-for-you service

Appointment Readiness &

1-1 Sales Coaching

  • Make a great first impression
  • Identifying Customer Needs in a consultative manner
  • Customized Discovery Call Checklist & Sales Meeting Playbook

Lead Nurturing & Authority Building

  • Tailored, post-appointment lead nurturing plan
  • Remain top-of-mind, continue to add value & build relationships
  • So, YOU get the call when they are ready to buy.

What People Are Saying About Us


Mark brings wise counsel & insight into the lead generation business & his experience is invaluable. Working with Mark has very been valuable & I recommend him to anyone who is interested in growing their company through lead generation.

Picture of John Burt

John H. Burt

Senior Associate


Engaging would be how I would describe Brynne. Her teaching style was perfect during a LinkedIn training series she developed for my team. She was easy to understand, made the complex seem simple. Her knowledge of the LinkedIn platform and leveraging for sales is unrivaled.

Picture of Robert Bonsall

Robert Bonsall

Communications Executive


If you want to get sales results from LinkedIn, then you want to speak with Brynne. The results of Brynne's expertise in LinkedIn speak for themselves: Literally within days of making the changes she suggested, I was able to land 3 new clients for my own consulting practice!

Picture of Dave Green

Dave Green

Managing Partner

About RevGrow

Picture of Mark McIntosh Founder and CEO of RevGrow

Mark McIntosh

Founder & CEO

As a CPA and MBA, my 20-year career has taken me from being a CFO, to a Director and Executive Recruiter with one of the largest staffing firms in the nation, to one of the top Sales Leaders at a National Top 10 CPA Firm, and most recently as the Director of Business Development at an elite, boutique Search and Consultative Staffing Firm. They were recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Dallas for growth during my tenure.

For decades, I collaborated closely with firm owners and consultants. I discovered a disturbing trend — most struggled with attracting their ideal clients to grow their firm consistently year after year. In addition, they didn’t have the processes in place to remain top of mind and continue to build relationships and add value throughout the buyer’s journey.

This is why I left my high salary position to start RevGrow. To help firm owners just like you.

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For too long, I witnessed business owners get stuck in the “Terrible 4” when it came to building their client base:

Picture of Mark McIntosh and his family

Mark McIntosh and Family

I don’t have a massive company where you get shuffled around to various junior account managers. Your strategies get customized for your firm specifically with both you and me working side-by-side for each step. You can tap into my 20+ years of experience and the proven strategies I’ve implemented with other clients just like you.

When not helping firms grow their revenue, I love to spend time with my wife and 3 children in a suburb of Dallas, TX.

They didn’t have a steady flow of quality leads each month — The growth of the firm was left uncertain and owners went home stressed.

They didn’t have the right systems in place to secure appointments at will — Traditional marketing tactics such as cold calling, email blasts and direct mail dried up quickly.

They would get sales appointments, but not enough ended in a sale — They didn’t have a proven structure to make the appointment go as it should i.e. they’d hear “I’ll think about it” and “Maybes” again and again.

They had no follow-up process — Prospects who didn’t buy today but who’d buy next month were never contacted, thus, millions in sales lost. They were not top-of-mind so the prospect never called when ready.

Who We Serve

  • Your company is B2B
  • You provide high ticket services or products
  • The lifetime value of a new customer is > $25,000
  • Your ideal target prospects are C-level and on LinkedIn
  • You have a proven ability to convert sales
  • You can handle at least 10-20 phone appointments per month

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