Use LinkedIn Search to Find Prospects Who Fit Your Target Criteria

You likely know LinkedIn is the most popular and widely used social media platform for business and B2B sales. That’s why you created your client-facing profile in the first place! So, aside from building a great profile, what is the key to ensuring you’re taking full advantage of the platform? The ability to effectively seek out and connect with prospects who meet your target criteria, of course. One of the most effective ways is to use LinkedIn Search.

? What is LinkedIn Search?

Available to all LinkedIn members, this tool is the search bar at the upper left-hand corner when you sign in to LinkedIn on your desktop. In the mobile version, you can find it at the top of your screen when you open the app. In addition to searching for your friends and colleagues by name to add them as connections, you can also click or tap the search bar where you’ll see “Search for people with filters” at the bottom of the list. This is an effective, easy way to view others outside your network using criteria relevant to your company and target market.

? Build your connections

bigstock 149256500If you select this option, your first-degree connections appear on the left with filter options on the right. You’ll notice your list to the left includes individuals you’re not yet connected with, many of whom are connected with your connections. Why not simply ask your connections for references or connect with them on the spot? While it’s a great idea to build your network this way, they might not fit your prospect profile.

Instead, you can search and filter by connections, keywords, locations, industries, and more, allowing you to find just the prospects that fit your profile. But what are the benefits? Click or tap, for example, on the “Keywords” filter option. A form drops down, allowing you to search by first or last name, company, title, or school. You can use the “Title” filter to search for CEOs or company founders in particular, then drill down further by selecting a location, connection type, or other filters until you find those who could be the perfect fits.

? Benefits for LinkedIn Premium users

Those with LinkedIn Premium accounts can take their searches a step further using a Sales Navigator tool called Lead Builder. Here, search criteria filtering options are far greater, allowing you to build even more targeted searches. Sales Navigator also allows you to track those who have visited your company page or your personal profile.

allLinkedIn Premium users can filter potential connections based on company size with more location options. This can be especially useful for those in unique niche markets; however, it can be advantageous for all. These extended search options allow you to, for instance, search for “Business Owner” and “CEO” in “Dallas” with a company headcount of “51-200” in the “IT” industry. LinkedIn then shows results including business decision-makers in a specific area who may find genuine value in your products or services.

These highly advanced LinkedIn Search options can show connections you may have never known existed. It puts their faces and credentials right in front of you, opening the door for you to initiate thoughtful, valuable networking opportunities with prospects. However, once you find these members of your future audience, do not simply hit “Connect.” Send a personalized message that shows your value and genuine interest in connecting. What other platform puts such targeted leads right at your fingertips? It’s revolutionary for to B2B business leaders.

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