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What Makes a Prospect Profile Effective

Growing revenue with lead generation doesn’t mean selling to anyone who might be interested. You can cast a wide net and hope to catch as many prospects as possible. But that is an inefficient use of limited resources. Instead, elevate your chances by narrowing down prospects based on LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn has 433 million registered users spanning over 200 countries. As such, it is an invaluable source for lead generation. Specific sections on LinkedIn can further help you target the most promising prospects.

Create your perfect prospect profile

Identify the specific industry, geography, company size, and position title most likely to need your offerings. The more targeted your niche, the better. These demographics can cover average salaries or buyer age range, too.

For example, target a neighboring city you want to break into or target salespeople who will want your sales-based software.

If you run into problems, LinkedIn offers criteria question tools to narrow down prospects. Beyond the aforementioned demographics, you want to know a prospect’s psychographic profile, as well as understand their behaviors, values, and characteristics.

Do your prospects care more about cost or quality? Do they shop locally?

Knowing this helps you determine if a prospect is more interested in image, value, price, savings, convenience, or relationships. You need to know how to target a prospect, and you can’t do this without building a LinkedIn prospect profile.

Use LinkedIn search tools

linkedin search

This tool can help you find prospects who fit your target criteria. You can search for people within the aforementioned specifications, such as a given industry, company, or a person with a specific title.

Search for people with a C-suite title (top-level executives), small business owners, or those who work in your field.

Now it is time to target. Making a profile to refine your prospects isn’t just so you can understand them better or do less work. It is so that you can target them better and do your work better.

Consider it a cheat sheet for each prospect profile. You can identify the best methods for connecting with different prospects. Small business owners in your industry, for example, might be open to direct outreach, webinars, or email marketing. Find these prospects on LinkedIn, and call them, email them, or get them to participate in a webinar.

Overall, creating prospect profiles is a great investment. Using the predispositions of prospects enables you to balance your budget and your tactics, figuring out how best to target different prospects with effective marketing campaigns.
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