What’s the Biggest Mistake You Can Make on Your LinkedIn Profile?

Is an outdated LinkedIn profile holding you back?

A profile that’s lacking current activity, missing information, or citing old credentials can quickly send a signal to other professionals that you’re inactive — and possibly out of touch.

For those who aren’t already reaping the tangible benefits of LinkedIn’s massive professional network, this warning may not carry a sense of urgency; however, with hundreds of millions of users and 50% of B2B buyers relying on LinkedIn to make purchasing decisions, it’s a professional platform you can’t afford to ignore.

Regardless of your situation, taking time to update and manage your LinkedIn profile can really pay off. Consider the following scenario examples

  • profileAre you in a new position? Perhaps you’re now a key decision-maker and someone is searching for a person with your exact criteria and expertise.
  • Are you looking for new recruits? Attracting top talent takes a solid, reputable, and cutting-edge online presence.
  • Are you interested in being an industry thought leader? Having the right connections and sharing high-quality content can set you apart.
  • Do you want to attract more leads? Leads need access to up-to-date contact information, customer reviews, and visibility into your interactions.

You can address these common situations and more with an active, up-to-date profile. The key to success is learning which of LinkedIn’s countless features give you a competitive advantage by increasing your visibility and then applying them on a regular basis.

The 411 on profile updates

social-profile“Profile views and connections are the two key metrics on LinkedIn,” explained Marcia Layton Turner in a Forbes article. “Profile views are an indication of how interested others are in getting more information about you and connections are a measure of your professional network. In both cases, the higher the number, the better.”

So, how do you update your profile in such a way that you can increase your profile views and your connections?

Begin with your basic personal information, ensuring your contact information, current position, and past roles are correct and relevant. Remember: This is the first thing an industry peer, prospect, or recruit sees, and you likely won’t be editing this area of your profile very often, so make sure it offers a positive and up-to-date glimpse into your accomplishments and capabilities.

Next, it’s time to get — and stay — involved. LinkedIn connections and targeted groups can help you build valuable relationships. However, simply adding contacts and joining groups won’t get you very far. It’s vital you interact with your peers, start conversations with your prospects, and focus on offering solutions that address their pain points. A great way to manage the last element is through your status updates. By sharing original, high-value content regularly, you can position yourself as an authoritative thought leader in your industry.

Be sure your interactions aren’t one-sided. Stay engaged with your network by liking and commenting on others’ updates and engaging with individuals in groups. While you should limit your status updates to one a day or fewer, interactions like these should be frequent and plentiful.

High visibility, high responsibility

Remember, most of what you post is available to the public — unless you take the time to update your settings as well. Of course, this added visibility is just one more reason you don’t want your LinkedIn profile to fall into a state of disrepair. Taking the time to update and manage your profile can bolster your online presence — and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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