[Video] Delegating Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Tasks

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LinkedIn lead generation tasks can often be repetitive. And since most executives have limited time, they often delegate repetitive and low-level tasks to an administrative assistant or other support staff. If you are thinking of delegating some of your LinkedIn tasks to one of your employees, there are some things you need to consider.

How much experience does your assistant have with the lead generation process?

LinkedIn lead generation isn’t something that can be approached as a routine and repetitive process. Even simple tasks such as sending messages to a first-degree connection may need some improvisation. If your assistant who is handling your LinkedIn tasks doesn’t have basic social media experience, they may not be able to adapt the task they are doing based on the response of your network or other circumstances.

What types of LinkedIn lead generation tasks are you looking to delegate?

Some activities for an effective lead generation platform are tedious or ones you may not like doing but are still important for you to do. Interaction with your connections needs to be genuine. Therefore, you should make every effort to continue to do those types of tasks.

Tasks that are better to delegate to an assistant would include: keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date, creating Advanced Searches, and monitoring your LinkedIn Inboxes.

Will you and your assistant be able to determine if your LinkedIn strategy isn’t working?

A LinkedIn lead generation platform needs to be flexible. There are times when strategies that have worked in the past no longer work well, LinkedIn makes changes to its platforms or you learn the people you are targeting on LinkedIn aren’t a good fit.

It is important for your assistant to be able to help you understand when your lead generation process is no longer effective since they may be seeing things that you don’t when you are handling your specific tasks. That way you can determine how to tweak your LinkedIn lead generation strategy to make sure you can meet your business goals.

Delegating your LinkedIn lead generation strategies is one option you have if you are looking for help with your lead generation platform. For more information, click here to access our FREE online guide.

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