Staying on Target with Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation on LinkedIn depends on talking to the right people in your market. Having conversations with decision makers within the right organization in the right geographic location is what is going to help you close more sales and increase revenue.

LinkedIn is more than just the right place to have these conversations, it is also the place that has the right tools to find these people.

Laser Targeting for Lead Generation

You need a laser targeted lead generation approach

The popular approach to lead generation on social media sites is the scatter gun approach. Throw as much you know what at the wall and see how much sticks.

Sure that may irritate some people, but so what. The people you really need to talk to will see through the bull and agree to speak with you, right?

Unfortunately, this approach is what has given social selling a bad name. It is also why many people are overly cautious when you try to have a conversation with them on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Instead of playing the alienate people approach to lead generation, you need to focus on a laser targeted approach. A laser targeted approach includes finding a small group of people that fit your prospect profile nearly to a T. Then you should have honest, engaging and real conversations with these prospects as you nurture them through the buyer’s journey until they are ready to have an offline conversation with you.

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn offers Advanced Search features that help you create that laser targeted approach for lead generation. Advanced search parameters include:

  • Geography
  • Industry
  • Title
  • Company Size

These are great features to start your search and determine the size of your target market on LinkedIn. However, often you need to narrow this search even further to find your ideal prospect. Advanced search can help you do this with additional parameters:

  • Seniority Level
  • Years in current position
  • Years at current company
  • Years of experience

Depending on the services you offer, these additional parameters can help you locate the right decision makers in the right departments in the right type of organization.

Adding Social to Your Laser Targeting

These advanced features help you narrow down the list of people you want to start nurturing on LinkedIn. However, remember how we talked earlier about not alienating people? In order to have honest and engaging conversations with these people you need to know something about them beyond how many years they have been Senior Partner at Widgets R Us.

Advanced search on LinkedIn can help you with that as well. You can narrow your search based on the school they went to, the LinkedIn Groups they are a part of, even the type of content they have posted.

All of this information provides you with potential topics of conversation to show prospects you understand they are real people and you are interested in them beyond their ability to make a decision to buy your service.

The Results of a Laser Targeted Lead Generation Strategy

Laser targeting leads to better prospects and more revenue

All of that sounds great, but what is the bottom line? The reason so many people take the spray and pray approach to lead generation is because they think it will result in better revenue. However, at RevGrow, we have seen the exact opposite. Take a look at results we have been able to generate for three of our clients.

Dale, Partner at a Regional Accounting Firm

For Dale, implementing a number of advanced search strategies helped create a list of specific people to connect with before building out his network of first-degree connections. Dale was able to speak with 80 C-level targeted leads and secure a $150,000 engagement with a $30,000 recurring fee after committing to targeted LinkedIn lead generation strategies for a year.

Tony, PEO Industry Professional

Adding company size in the search parameters can help as well. Tony targeted small companies that had 11-35 employees in his specific geographic area to help grow his first level connections by 149%.

Staying on target with your LinkedIn lead generation strategy allows you to focus on quality over quantity. It is easier to manage conversations with a small group of people and your conversations will have a greater impact. Then you can see results that are similar to Dale’s and Tony’s.

[cta]The results these three clients have received isn’t atypical, it is just based on a comprehensive and focused lead generation strategy. You can see more of our client’s success stories by going here. If you want to learn more about RevGrow’s unique approach to lead generation, schedule a call with a member of our team today.[/cta]