Revenue Growth, SEO and Lead Generation: The Trifecta for Success

If you want to create a sustainable business, it is important to understand the powerful relationship between Search Engine Optimization (SEO), revenue growth, and lead generation.

How can you combine key strategies for SEO, lead generation and revenue growth? One way is to optimize your key social media platforms.

SEO and Social Media Platforms

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Using SEO strategies for Social media offers short and long term benefits

Google categorizes all websites, including social media platforms. YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn are among the top websites consistently crawled by Google. When you include keywords in your social media profiles, you help Google understand what your profile is about and helps customers find you.

Social media platforms can also be considered search engines, since people will conduct searches on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, YouTube is considered one of the largest search engines.

Optimizing your YouTube video, LinkedIn profile and Facebook Business Page has short and long term SEO benefits, and helps you with lead generation strategies.

Lead Generation and Social Media

Social media has become an important factor in the sales process. Social media sites help you to gain key information about your prospects. It is also a great way to engage with people before they are ready to buy your services.

As customers rely more on content and social proof and less on conversations with sales people, sales representatives have to find alternative ways to reach out to people in their market.

Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook offer opportunities to create a network to share information, offer support and reveal personal expertise. This network can be nurtured into a consistent funnel for generating high quality leads. High quality leads can help sustain better revenue growth.

Revenue Growth and Social Media

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Exponential revenue growth is possible with social media.

Exponential revenue growth is obtainable when companies leverage social media as a tool for success. When companies invest in SEO as well as Inbound and Outbound marketing strategies that include social media, they offer an opportunity for prospects to find them.

People often search on social media sites when they are looking for solutions to problems. A social media presence lets prospects find you after they have identified their problem and before they have found the right solution. Providing education and support on social media sites allows buyers to see what you offer and how you interact with customers. These are two key pieces of information people use when making buying decisions.

An active presence on social media also helps prospects to filter themselves out. People who are brand followers before they become customers are those who like not only what you offer but how you do business. This leads to qualified prospects who become brand advocates, bringing other people to your business.

Social Media and Business Success.

In the great Internet void, you need to help buyers find you. Without using keywords and other SEO tools, your prospects will be attracted to, and purchase from, your competitors.

When prospects can’t find you, you have difficulty creating a steady flow of leads. Without a consistent stream of leads, you can’t have sustainable revenue growth. By leveraging key social media platforms, including YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook, companies can find a way to leverage SEO for lead generation and contribute to sustainable and exponential revenue growth.

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