LinkedIn Lead Generation that Generates Itself

RevGrow-LinkedIn Lead Generation that Generates Itself

There are conflicting theories about automating lead generation activities. Automation isn’t always a good thing, because it takes the human element out of engagement. However, did you know that people’s actions on LinkedIn often make it easier for you to generate leads? So here are some ways LinkedIn lead generation essentially generates itself and what you can do to leverage their efforts.

Take Advantage of Profile Information

People provide a lot of important information on their LinkedIn profiles. This information can be used as a way to start conversations with your prospects. You can say things like “I see you went to Blah University, that is my Alma mater as well” or “I noticed you volunteer at Toys for Tots, my son and I give to them every Holiday”.

Don’t be afraid of a little homework when it comes to crafting direct messages for your LinkedIn first degree connections. These are the types of things that resonate with people and when you connect with them on a more personal level they are more likely to become a client.

Leverage the Recommendations  People Write

When people write a recommendation for your LinkedIn profile, this is social proof that attracts other prospects. Social proof carries more weight in buying decisions than marketing content does. And it bears more weight on LinkedIn than Skills Endorsement, since people are aware that not everyone knows if the person has experience in the skill they are endorsing.

Asking customers to write Recommendations for you is a way to passively attract leads that will trust you before you begin engaging with them.

Leveraging Your Brand Followers

If even one person shares your content, your reach grows.

There are people in your network who can be considered brand followers. Some of them may be clients and others may be prospects, but they like and share most of the content you post. These people are publicly endorsing you to their network every time they share your posts.

This is an aspect of LinkedIn lead generation many business owners don’t fully understand. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn doesn’t limit your organic reach when you post an update. If you post valuable content, and your network consistently shares your posts, you are attracting people to your brand and generating know, like and trust beyond your first degree connections.

A little math here, if you will allow. You share a post and 10 of your first degree connections share it. Each of those connections have 1,000 first degree connections of their own. You just reached another 10,000 people who are beginning to know, like and trust you. If even 1% of those people reach out to you to connect, that is another 1,000 possible prospects you added to your network with no additional effort on your part.

Leveraging Your Brand Awareness

This is what is known as brand awareness, and it has many benefits in terms of  lead generation. LinkedIn’s algorithms rank people’s profiles based on keywords in their profile, the number of views their posts receive, and other sharing data. The higher you score in those algorithms, the higher you appear in LinkedIn’s search results.

This means that prospects who have never heard of you can easily find your profile when they conduct searches on LinkedIn. LinkedIn influencers are also more likely to come across your content. And if a LinkedIn influencer shares your content, your brand awareness has the ability to go viral.

Leveraging Referral Traffic

Referring traffic from social sites-RevGrow

People who come to your website from social media sites are warm leads.

One of the reasons businesses are often on social media sites like LinkedIn is to attract people to their company website. Guiding your prospects to your website is  another LinkedIn lead generation strategy that generates itself.

If you have a well designed website and guide people to key landing pages with your social media content, this referral traffic has a higher chance of converting to leads than those who find your website via search engines.

People usually go to your website from a social media site because they are already a brand follower or someone they know shared your information with them. This means some of that know, like and trust element that is so vital to sales conversions is already present before they visit your site.

These people are more likely to engage with your website, either by downloading lead magnets, subscribing to your blog or filling out a contact form. These warm leads are already aware of some of what your company offers when they are ready to speak to a salesperson, so it is easier to close them in a shorter period.

Prospects that come to you because of social proof, people reaching out to join your LinkedIn network because of brand followers, gaining the attention of influencers and increased referral traffic are some of the many benefits of an effective LinkedIn lead generation strategy. It helps you to maximize your social media efforts, generates revenue and increases your return on your LinkedIn investment.

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