6 Types of Content You Should Be Sharing on LinkedIn This 2020

If you want to grow your brand, engage your targeted audience, or build your reputation as an expert and reputable leader in your industry, the best social media platform to do it is LinkedIn. Why? The platform is one of the most popular social networking channels for organizations and professionals, with more than 660 million users in over 200 nations and territories worldwide.

Posting and sharing content on this popular platform is an effective strategy to achieve your goals. Based on data, around 45% of LinkedIn users are corporate CEOs, managers, and other senior executives. However, you need to learn the types of content to post or share and the best practices in posting and sharing to achieve your desired results.

Top Tips in Posting or Sharing Content on LinkedIn 

Posting or sharing relevant content is an effective strategy to increase your followers, build audience engagement, and build your business or organization. Here are several best practices you may adopt to achieve better results immediately:

  • Maximize the number of relevant groups you join – Sign up to every group related to your business or industry to optimize your posts’ visibility. However, make sure to abide by a group’s rules and regulations to maintain good relationships with the members and avoid a possible ban by the moderators.
  • Use the LinkedIn share button – Clicking on the share button will save you time and effort in disseminating your posts. There are several ways you can share content using the button. You can opt to send it to every member of your groups, post it as a status update, send it as an email attachment, and make it a cross-post to your Twitter account. You can also send the content as a message to your connections.
  • Utilize the platform’s other features like the Organic Targeting tool and Content Suggestions tool – Using these LinkedIn features will ensure you will be sharing the right posts to the right people, thus, increasing their effectiveness. In searching for relevant posts to share, refine your search by using specific topics, industries, locations, and job functions. Also, make sure to include hashtags to increase your posts’ discoverability and visibility.
  • Post or share content in relevant groups – Your shared content should be relevant to your targeted audience. Your reputation as an essential source of information will depend on how your posts will benefit your fellow members. Besides, sharing irrelevant posts in groups is a waste of time.
  • Share valuable content by others more than your own – Making the right strategy in sharing posts on LinkedIn is the key to achieving your goals. To boost your value as a member of your groups, share the blogs or posts of others more than your own. To find great content to share easier, follow your source websites to get the latest updates.
  • Reply to comments and suggestions your posts get – Answering the comments on your posts will increase their popularity and viewership. Replying is also a powerful means to show your interest with your followers and build their loyalty and trust. Also, your commentators and liker’s are potential customers for your business.
  • Avoid being overly promotional – To avoid becoming a pariah in your groups, maintain your promotions to a minimum. Including a lot of promotional messages could turn off your audience or fellow members. You should consistently post content with value to make you a real asset to your audience. Moreover, they will also learn to support your occasional promotional content.

Types of Content You Should Share or Post on LinkedIn

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The types of content you post or share in LinkedIn should reflect your organizational culture and brand. It is imperative to create and share content that complements your objectives and relevant to your audience. Here are some of the content you may consider to achieve the best results:

  1. Industry News and Research – LinkedIn members are constantly looking for new developments and market trends related to their sector and interests. To attract their attention, focus on creating or sharing content like whitepapers, research-based case studies, and industry updates and reports. By sharing relevant content, your LinkedIn page will become a favorite source of information.
  2. Company or business updates – Providing regular updates on your activities, projects, and achievements allow your audience to know more about your company. It will encourage your readers to patronize your products or services and attract potential talents.
  3. Job postings – Posting or sharing job vacancies is an excellent way for users to connect with you. It also enables you to establish relationships with people that could benefit your business in the future. Moreover, it is a subtle way to announce that your company is growing.
  4. Quick tips – The majority of people want to learn more to broaden their knowledge and skills. Posting inspirational quotes and simple tips and tricks can grow your followers in a short period. To boost engagement, focus on topics like leadership, professional development, productivity improvements, and operational efficiency.
  5. How-to and Listicle Content – Based on a study, how-to and list-style content on LinkedIn are among the posts that received the most number of shares, views, comments, and likes. Although publishing content directly on LinkedIn bypasses your website, your post will gain more visibility on the social channel. These types of content also increase your reputation as an expert in your industry.
  6. Blog Posts – Blogs are excellent strategies to establish your reputation, create brand awareness, and engage with your target audience. When sharing your blog on LinkedIn, shorten the URL by using apps like Bitly and make sure the thumbnail looks attractive. Also, don’t forget to introduce your post with a personal comment.

Knowing the types of content to share or post on LinkedIn will bolster your online presence, popularity, and brand awareness. However, you may be too busy with your day-to-day operations and don’t have time to work on this. We specialize in social media marketing, and you can always count on us if you need assistance. For more inquiries, schedule a call for an appointment today at


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