[Video] How to Put Fireworks in Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Social media videos are one of the best ways to build trust, establish authority and increase engagement. If you are looking to add fireworks to your LinkedIn lead generation strategy, you will want to add video creation into your content marketing mix.

LinkedIn Native Videos

LinkedIn native videos haven’t been around as long as Facebook videos but they have quickly become popular. People will stop and watch a video before they will read a post and they are also more likely to share video over other types of content.

LinkedIn has made video creation easy. You can make “live” videos right from your phone and upload it onto LinkedIn via the app. It is also easy to write a description of the video and add hashtags from the app.

Videos where the speaker is having an intimate conversation with the audience help to build a rapport. They help prospects see a real face behind a company and feel more genuine then other types of video. And if the content of the video helps the audience solve a specific pain point, you can build trust and authority with your network.

Videos for LinkedIn Lead Generation

Here are  three tips to help you create videos that add sparks to your relationship with your connections:

  1. Make the videos specific: Segment your videos to make them specific to buyer persona, industry or even position. People have said they respond better when LinkedIn videos are targeted to their specific position.
  2. Create talking points to add to your description: If you want people to watch your video, you need to let them know what it is about. Adding talking points to your description will make people more willing to watch and share your video.
  3. Let your personality shine through: Your prospects want to know about you, so show them who you are in the video. Be engaging, warm personable and genuine in your recordings and your prospects will react.

Talking to directly to your prospects, even via video, may take some practice. It may take several attempts before you feel comfortable in front of the camera, but it will be worth it. When it comes to LinkedIn lead generation, the strategies that are the most personable are the ones that are the most successful. Adding native videos can put fireworks in your network and help you create a deeper relationship with your connections.

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