Trending Storylines and B2B Leaders

On March 22, 2017, LinkedIn introduced Trending Storylines in an effort to increase user engagement and make its site more useful for its network of professionals. Trending Storylines is a curated feed of news items surrounding a specific topic that may be of interest to an individual user. This new feature can potentially be of great benefit to B2B leaders.

What is it

Some say that Trending Storylines is a concept lifted straight from the success of Facebook. The feature uses a team of 24 editors combined with specific algorithms to curate and display content based on the professional industry, connections, and interests of each user. For example, when a story breaks, an editor may write a short summary and upload it to Trending Storylines. The algorithm takes over from there, populating the story with posts from users.

LinkedIn states that because the feeds will reflect a user’s specific interests, this is an effective way to reduce the noise for busy professionals. For example, while construction executives may find a number of infrastructure articles, medical personnel may see biotech and health news filling their Trending Storylines.

Benefits for B2B

linkedin-storylinesLinkedIn created Storylines in an attempt to keep users on the social platform for a longer amount of time. As this happens, it also helps business thought leaders and influencers using LinkedIn to reach other businesses decision makers. This is because the new feature provides users the ability to:

  • See only what is important: Because each story is personalized, the signal vs noise ratio is increased. Optimally, decision makers will see exactly what they want to see. When they see only relevant content, they will stick around to read another article or post.
  • Go deeper: Users can also see how each trending item is being discussed. More conversation opens the door to a larger network. Users can see what leaders in their field have to say about a particular topic.
  • Obtain different perspectives: As users from across the industry weigh in, it is possible to get diverse opinions and gain new insight on topics. Due to the way the algorithm and editors work in tandem to create Trending Storylines, as the conversations evolve, the latest perspectives are shown to users.

LinkedIn VP Tomer Cohen notes that Trending Storylines provides a way for users to easily see the pros and cons of each topic. These different viewpoints may move them out of their “filter bubble”. Reading the most relevant, unbiased information makes executives more well-read and prepared. Or, as LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Dan Roth says, “At least, you won’t sound dumb.”

The addition of Trending Storylines is important for all influencers and thought leaders, because it means LinkedIn is no longer just a place to upload a resume and get connected. It’s now a place where, as Roth states, “You got better at what you did by being connected to the right people and figuring out how they could help you reach new opportunities.”
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