Tips to Nurture Leads on LinkedIn

For prospects, 90% of their journey might be complete before you reach them. That being said, marketing is responsible for keeping your message in front of your prospects throughout the sales cycle. When marketing, you might conduct lead nurturing with automated email; however, keep in mind that only 5% of website visitors will share an email address. Of these, only 20% will ever open automated emails and 99% of the people expressing interest in your services do not regularly receive emails you send anyway.

Therefore, advanced nurturing is imperative. You can use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to reach prospects based on their online behavior and business demographics.


The first step is to define personas. You really need to understand who you are speaking with in order to create a conversation that is relevant to them. The LinkedIn article notes a 2-Stage funnel, which includes “Reach” at the top, and “Nurture” at the bottom. The idea is that you reach them first by increasing awareness, building a brand, and shaping perception. You then nurture them by improving lead quality, increasing conversion, and driving pipeline and revenue. With this, you create relevant content for every stage of the funnel which leads to the target audience.

Then, segment the audience. This lets you personalize and customize messages to your prospects. Marketing automation software is one effective tool that allows you to create hundreds of segments.


Create content for each segment at every stage of the buying process. Content can welcome new customers or nurture cross-sells or upsells.

Measure, test, and then optimize the nurturing programs. Examine which email subject lines, for example, generate the highest open rates or which content is leading to better sales. Figure out how to deliver measurable returns on your investments.

Maintain an updated database. Accurate data is a key element. Industry and revenue data helps you improve your nurturing impact, even as prospects change. 62% of companies do not have a clean and updated database. Do not become a part of the statistic.


Also, it is vital that you move the process beyond email. Email is great; however, 80% of prospects who get an email will not open it. Be sure to use multichannel programs and social media advertising as well. When you use LinkedIn, view profiles regularly, use endorsements, interact with posts by liking or sharing content, tag people when you share things, and reconnect on birthdays, anniversaries, or even professional updates. Use these tactics thoughtfully, as to not overwhelm your prospects.

Lead nurturing lets you build trust with prospects and allows you to better define their needs. The key is to keep their attention online without being overbearing, which is tricky given the endless array of online content.
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