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The Top Reasons Why You Should Continue to Build Your Networks on LinkedIn Even After COVID-19

In the recent months, a lot of business activities were put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has put businesses on a standstill and brought uncertainties to the economy and employment. Even as the country starts to re-open and look to what the new normal is, as a business owner or executive, you should take this time to do activities like relationship building and social networking to expand your networks, as we still do not know when or if “networking” will get back to in-person events. 

The Internet is playing a pivotal role during this pandemic as governments implemented social distancing restrictions and home isolation measures to prevent the spread of the virus. You can use social media sites like LinkedIn to network and participate in business conversations during the pandemic. This article will discuss how to network virtually during these trying times and the benefits of LinkedIn networking to your business and career.

How to Network Virtually During & After the Pandemic

The Internet has proven to be beneficial during the pandemic, and will continue to be after,  as it allows people to communicate and socialize virtually. In business, you can network and stay in touch with clients, partners, and potential customers. You can also do online lead generation activities to increase your customer base. Here are some ways to build your network, as you start to utilize social media more during and after this crisis is over with:

  • Join online forums – Participating in online discussions can benefit you in many ways. They are good lead generation sources. You can also gain some knowledge from peers, receive tips from experts in your industry, and discover new resources. You may also find new opportunities and expand your business circle.
  • Make your online networking profiles up-to-date – Now is the time to update and polish your networking profile to make it more professional. You should use your latest photo and have at least 4-5 recommendations.
  • Socialize through videoconferencing – Use this moment to establish a personal relationship with your contacts. You can reach out to them through video conferencing services like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Facetime.
  • Use LinkedIn to connect with people – LinkedIn networking is a great way to expand your networks. The platform hosts over 600 million professionals, so your connection opportunities are limitless.

Benefits of Building Your Network at LinkedIn

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There are several advantages of creating your profile on LinkedIn and connecting with other professionals on the platform. The site is ideal for online lead generation, social networking, and relationship building. Here are other benefits of the social media site:

  • It is an excellent place to establish a professional brand online. LinkedIn is the favored platform for those who want to find new business opportunities or high-paying jobs.
  • You can use it to maintain your contacts rather than collecting business cards and email addresses.
  • You can both give and receive recommendations, endorsements, and testimonials to advance your career or business.
  • You can join online professional groups and connect with people who are viewing your profile.
  • You can learn more about the companies you are interested in and read the latest news about various industries.

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is the social platform to be on regardless of the pandemic, especially if you are working for or own a B2B business. If you want to grow your network or build relationships with the right people, you can contact us, and we will be thrilled to assist you. For further inquiries, you can schedule a meeting with us at today.

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