The Keys To Boosting Sales Using LinkedIn Lead Generation

The Keys To Boosting Sales Using LinkedIn Lead Generation

Leveraging LinkedIn for lead generation is a great way to meet and exceed your B2B sales and revenue goals. Unfortunately, many companies who turn to LinkedIn for sales lead generation are failing.

Does that mean all the gurus are wrong and you can’t leverage LinkedIn to generate more leads? No, LinkedIn is an effective platform for generating qualified leads, but only if you have an effective strategy.

This infographic explains several key reasons why companies aren’t meeting their sales goals, and how combining social selling with a LinkedIn lead generation strategy can help you exceed those goals in 2019 and beyond.

LinkedIn for Sales Lead Generation Infographic

Businesses Want to Drive More Sales

According to Blue Corona, two top priorities for small businesses are driving sales (51%) and increasing awareness of their brand (48%).

Why are these two activities so important? Because 66% of small businesses place acquiring new clients at the top of their priority list. Driving sales and increasing brand awareness are two activities that can help a company find and close new business.

Quality Trumps Quantity

Most now understand that the quality of leads is more important than the number of leads. That’s why 67% of organizations have made increasing the quality of the leads they receive as a priority for their organization.

LinkedIn for Sales Lead Generation Meets These Goals

When companies use social selling principles to create a Linkedin lead generation strategy, they can meet all of these goals: increasing brand awareness, driving sales, creating more quality leads and finding new clients. So far so good, right?

Yet. . .

Even though companies want to drive more quality sales, increase brand awareness and find more new clients, they lack a mature lead generation process to achieve these goals.  

A mature lead generation process is a clearly defined series of established methods a company will use to:

  • Move sales through the sales funnel
  • Qualify leads
  • Nurture leads
  • Follow up with leads
  • Coordinate sales and marketing efforts.

This lead generation process is known as a sales playbook, and according to a study done by Salesforce , approximately half of sales teams do not have a sales playbook. The lack of a playbook makes it difficult for their salespeople to find, qualify, follow-up and close prospects. In fact:

  • 40% of sales people don’t know how to qualify sales leads
  • 46% of sales professionals feel they don’t have an adequate pipeline
  • 48% of sales people don’t know how to reach decision makers.

Moreover, when they do find a qualified opportunity, 37% of sales professionals close less than 50% of those deals.

Small business owners need more than just LinkedIn for sales lead generation; they need a mature lead generation process to win more deals.

Why You Need a LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

If you are looking to meet sales goals, you need a playbook. When you combine an effective process for finding, qualifying, nurturing and converting prospects on social media platforms with a mature lead generation process within your organization, that’s when the magic happens.

Why Social Selling and LinkedIn at All?

So why should you consider combining social selling with a LinkedIn lead generation strategy? Because 64% of companies follow other brands on social media and 84% of top-level executives research potential vendors on these platforms.  

A strong social media presence helps companies get in front of their prospects. However, you need to be on the right social media platform to have an effective lead generation strategy. LinkedIn is a social media platform where business professionals network and develop relationships with other business professionals. Over 40 million LinkedIn members are decision makers for their organizations, and they research possible solutions and potential vendors on Linkedin.

When conducting research, executives look for industry influencers and strong professional brands. Most buyers (92%) say they are more likely to engage with a sales professional who is also a subject matter expert in the buyer’s field and 81% of professionals are more likely to engage with a vendor who has a strong professional brand.

LinkedIn Lead Generation & Social Selling

LinkedIn can help you and your sales team position yourselves as experts in your field and increase brand awareness for your organization. When you combine the B2B benefits of LinkedIn with social selling strategies, the benefits of a LinkedIn lead generation strategy become clear.

Leveraging social selling best practices can help you increase the number of leads you receive by 33% while reducing the time it takes for you to connect with a contact by 39%. Your company can also reduce your entire sales cycle by14% and improve your company’s ability to convert a lead into a sale by 24%.

Reinvigorate Your Entire Lead Generation Process with LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn for sales lead generation can help companies meet their goals of increasing brand awareness, driving quality sales and obtaining new clients. Over 80% of all leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn, so the results are there. If businesses want to meet and exceed their sales and revenue goals, then they need to provide their sales teams with clearly defined methods to generate qualified sales and the right tools to get them there. A LinkedIn lead generation strategy leveraging key social selling principles is a great place to start.

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