Pro Tips: Social Media Marketing for Public Accounting Leaders

Social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogs all both provide fast, excellent opportunities for you to get in touch with potential clients and save your company money. With social media, you can recruit new CPAs, monitor industry trends, and keep in touch with your contacts.

Savvy firm leaders have already jumped on the chance to gain exposure for their firms online. If you want the same success, you must do more than build a great looking website. You also have to create great social media profiles.

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Developing a strategy

Of course, you can’t just dive into social media without a game plan; you need to develop your marketing plan strategically. As a CPA, you’ll only obtain social media success if you develop and consistently execute on a well-formulated strategy.

  • Know your target audience. Figure out who your target audience members are, what message you want to get across to them, and which social media platform or platforms you’re going to use. Are you using social media profiles to connect with clients? Who are your target clients? Which industry experts do you want to learn from and connect with?
  • Have a campaign theme. A campaign theme can help you build integration and enable wide distribution, including via social media and mobile apps. This begins with knowing where your audience is. You want to be able to share content, ask questions, and follow industry experts. You want others to share your content, ask you questions, and follow you.
  • Track returns on your investment. Many tools and professional can do this for you so you can dedicate your time to more important things. They can make sure your content is driving traffic to your website as well as continually monitor how many users are converting to customers. If you’re not capturing visitors, hire a company to help you change your call to action.
  • Help solve your clients’ problems. A professional blog can allow you to solve problems for your clients before they even ask. Combined with your thought leadership, you can set your firm apart from the competition.

To make the most of your efforts, start with your social media strategy. When you build on it with each action you take online, you also have the chance to build your audience following, your brand, and your bottom line.

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