New LinkedIn Features Can Help You Crush Your Marketing Goals

As digital marketing becomes more mobile-centric, those at LinkedIn have not forgotten about desktop users who account for 40% of all the platform’s visitors.

In fact, they have introduced several new LinkedIn features that not only enhance platform value for those who use desktops during the day but that also integrate nicely with mobile features. Users can now switch seamlessly from using LinkedIn via a web browser on a desktop to the LinkedIn mobile app, enjoying the best of both worlds.

Here are some of the newer LinkedIn features you can use today to make the platform work even better for you.

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Notifications tab

This useful tab provides you with updates about new job listings, including alerts about new opportunities posted by recruiters within your network. It also provides reminders about upcoming meetings.

Some of the features include:

  • Search appearances provides a weekly notification of how many people visited your page from LinkedIn searches. It also tells you the exact companies and job titles of those people, enabling you to seek career opportunities with those companies by targeting their recruiters. This valuable data can help you adjust your profile to match the types of employers who have searched your profile.
  • Daily rundown offers the biggest news of the day in summary form for quick browsing.
  • Customized notifications are those you customize on your desktop and mobile devices to control which alerts and updates you receive from connections.

Next, LinkedIn plans to roll out a keyword search feature that shows you which words users are typing to find your profile. This could be a valuable resource because, in addition to being a platform for job opportunities, LinkedIn is also a search engine that can help increase your personal brand and that of your business. This feature will also provide information that can help you optimize your profile with SEO tactics such as keyword usage and linking the right words back to your blog or website.

New desktop app for Windows 10

linkedin appThe other exciting addition for users is the introduction of a new LinkedIn app for Windows 10, which just rolled out. The new desktop app will integrate Windows and LinkedIn through the Windows 10 Start menu and will offer instant access to all the new search options and notifications.

Although the digital world is rapidly going mobile, the professionals behind LinkedIn have not abandoned their commitment to desktop users. The platform’s new desktop features provide real value when it comes to attracting high-end recruiters, enhancing profiles, and creating branding opportunities. Plus, users can now easily switch between desktop and mobile, easily keeping up with their LinkedIn activity whether at work or play.

[cta]Mark McintoshHowever, these features mean nothing without a comprehensive marketing strategy.

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your LinkedIn marketing efforts, please call me, Mark McIntosh, at 972-998-5132. As the CEO and Founder of RevGrow, my goal is to help you achieve greater success.[/cta]

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