Forget Facebook – Leverage LinkedIn

Many businesses attempting to create a powerful content marketing strategy for blogs and social media fail to leverage one of the best platforms at their disposal: LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a formidable collection of B2B and B2C professionals, with more than 500 million registered users looking for relevant content. Putting together an informed LinkedIn content marketing strategy should be considered vital for your company.

Why it is important

Successful business professionals know that they must keep on top of current news and the latest trends. 67% of LinkedIn users describe themselves as “news junkies”. These users are not bouncing around on other social media platforms to find relevant content; they are getting it from LinkedIn. Research shows that 59% of LinkedIn users do not follow anything on Twitter. In addition, 83% do not visit Pinterest, and another 13% do not have a Facebook account. If you know your target audience is using LinkedIn, then it can be a very powerful communication tool.

How to be relevant

Everyone loves the idea of their content going viral. In order to get eyes on what you put out there, you need to convey the right information to your intended audience. Additionally, you need to present topics in ways that the user wants to receive them. For example, 57% of LinkedIn’s traffic comes from mobile users. This means text should be short, inserted images should be easy to download, links should be mobile ready, and videos should work when played on devices.

The first step in your LinkedIn strategy should be creating your company page. Having a great profile, however, is not enough. Use LinkedIn’s publishing platform to disseminate your long-form content. The great thing about these posts is that 71% of LinkedIn users view this type of information as being professional and credible. To get your content noticed as you compete with more than a million businesses already using this tool, make the content unique to your company, brand, and voice.

Grab your tools

In addition to the publishing platform, LinkedIn content marketers should be sure to add a few more items to their toolboxes. SlideShare and Pulse are must-haves. They help push your presentations and video content to your audience. Providing more visual elements with these tools establishes your expertise and builds your reputation beyond written content.

Other items in the LinkedIn Content Marketing Toolkit that make it easier to implement your content marketing strategy include:

  • linkedin-marketing-toolkitContent Calendar
  • Social Media Distribution Plan
  • Content Marketing Strategy for FY17 Template
  • Content Audit Template
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • SEO Checklist
  • Metrics and Analytics Dashboard

Your LinkedIn marketing strategy should be carefully mapped out prior to execution. Identify your uniqueness, be creative, and play to your strengths on this platform. When you deliver high-quality content, it is appreciated and can become a critical part of your business. Provide LinkedIn users with what they need and expect, and you are well on your way to converting them into followers and potential customers.
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