RevGrow-Effective Messaging for Your Lead Generation Strategy

Effective Messaging for Your Lead Generation Platform

Creating a cohesive lead generation platform includes the messages you create. After you create a client-facing profile and a laser-targeted search strategy, your messaging has to reinforce your branding. Don’t make your profile look like you are all about the customer and then send the default LinkedIn connection request. You also don’t want to start right off with a sales pitch in your first message after a person becomes a part of your network.

Transparent Connection Requests

It seems like everyone who tries to connect with you on LinkedIn has a hidden agenda. Or, you see the person’s title, like Marketing Manager, and assume their goal is to sell you. In order to bypass this wary attitude on the part of your prospects, you need to make your reason for connecting with them clear.

Your prospects will appreciate the candor and it will set the right tone for the rest of your communication with them.

Because Rob is a IT Search and Staffing professional, the connection request was a key part of his messaging strategy. He didn’t want people to think that he was looking to connect with them for job placement. His connection request needed to clearly state his intentions for reaching out. This transparency in his messaging strategy helped him grow his first level connections by 300 targeted C-level executives in his market in six months.

Build Trust into Your Lead Generation Platform

People are more likely to develop into a viable lead if they know, like and trust you. Taking your time and being a resource to your network helps you to build a level of trust.

Dale, who is a Partner with a Regional CPA firm, wanted to build a relationship with each person after they became a connection. Each message was crafted to build know, like and trust so that people were more likely to be willing to do business. These messages were developed into a series sent to each connection as they were added to his first degree LinkedIn network. One of those messages included a request for a phone call or meeting.

This strategy helped Dale to grow his first level LinkedIn connections by 1700 plus targeted individuals and 80 leads willing to schedule a phone call to discuss business within his first year of implementing the platform.

Build Social into Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Platform

Not everyone is going to be ready to buy when you connect with them. In fact, most people won’t be ready to buy. This is where being a servant to others in your LinkedIn network becomes important. Educate them and offer introductions to key people in your network. Provide them with endorsements and recommendations on their profile.

RevGrow-Effective Messaging for Your Lead Generation Platform
Social selling nurtures people until they’re ready to buy

Over time you become a valued resource and learn about your contact. This information can help you to frame the perfect solution to their problem when they are ready to buy.

As a Fractional CFO, Fred understands that he has to nurture relationships until a prospect is willing to buy. One lead he found on LinkedIn required this type of attention. He met the prospect for lunch, but they didn’t have an immediate need for his services. Fred sent an occasional email to this prospect that highlighted the value his services bring, shared industry insights, and even made an introduction to someone he knew. When this prospect was ready, he reached out to Fred to do business.

By using this strategy, Fred was able to grow his first level connections by 149% and add 257 LinkedIn prospects to his pipeline.

As with positioning and targeting, messaging is another foundation aspect of lead generation that needs to be considered in all aspects of your LinkedIn lead generation platform. This is especially true when you are sending a connection request, when someone looks at your profile, when someone connects with you and when you are looking for them to take action.

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