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In April 2017 — shortly before its fourteenth birthday — LinkedIn crossed the 500 million user mark. The site is the largest professional network in the world, and B2B leaders use it for professional advancement and growth. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that professionals and brands use to develop their images, market their products and services, boost sales, and recruit new employees. But with so many users, how do you keep from getting lost in the crowd?

? Customize your profile.

Since many users fail to customize their profiles, doing so is an easy way to set yourself apart. Start by changing your URL to include your first and last name. Click the “Me” icon, click “View Profile,” and edit your public profile. Once you make the change, you can use your custom URL on your website and business cards to help people easily find and remember you.

Next, take the time to organize your profile to make the vital parts stand out. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a sort of digital resume: Most users will not take the time to pore over it, so you need to grab their attention with an original headline. Also, consider updating your profile picture with a recent photo that reveals a bit more of your personality than of a traditional professional headshot.

? Help others find you.

The way you list your professional role is very important since this is how users find you. Use keywords on your profile to describe your position, industry, skills, and areas of expertise. Add your contact information so others can easily reach out to you outside of LinkedIn, and encourage them to get in touch with you by mentioning what you are interested in. Ask your connections for recommendations or endorsements — or take the initiative to write recommendations for them first.

? Like, post, and share.

If you have already updated your profile, you should increase your activity on LinkedIn. Post links to articles you find engaging, create your own content, like industry-relevant posts, and join groups specific to your niche. Check the Trending Storylines section to see what others are talking about in your industry, and create your own relevant content. Send invitations to new colleagues and professionals you meet, and reach out to those with whom you have many common connections.

⭐️ Be unique.

Avoid using automated messages when interacting with other users. Instead, offer something personal and valuable when reaching out and mention previous interactions if you can. Your bio is an opportunity for you to show your individuality and achievements. Add more details to your profile by talking about the projects you worked on and what you accomplished for each position you held in the past. Make your profile more interesting by adding images, videos, audio files, and presentations.

✍? Brand profiles

These tips also apply to business leaders who use LinkedIn for their companies, personal branding, and lead generation. It is crucial to create a unique, active brand profile. Writing relevant industry news content is a great way to get noticed since your posts could appear in the Trending Storylines section. When you’re ready to stand out from the competition and build your business, reach out to influencers in your niche, tell people what your brand is about on your profile, and remind employees that they represent your brand when they use LinkedIn.
[cta]When used correctly, LinkedIn can be a powerful lead-generation and branding tool. If you need help standing out from the crowd on LinkedIn, it might be time to call in an expert. Contact me, Mark McIntosh, RevGrow CEO and founder, today by calling 972-998-5132, and I’ll be happy to explain how I can help you.[/cta]
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