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5 Best Practices for Lead Generation Using LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn video is now available to all users, and there are several ways you can use it to add value to your brand.

LinkedIn users share video 20 times more than any other type of content on the platform. Video is a valuable tool for C-suite executives to add to their LinkedIn lead generation toolbox. One reason why LinkedIn videos receive more shares is because they attract attention. The videos play automatically as people scroll past your feed. This draws a person’s eye and brings them back for more.

Videos let you add a personal touch to your content. Sound and visual effects allow you to form deeper connections with your prospects. With the ability to add videos, LinkedIn is changing the way you can interact with those in your network.

Savvy business leaders can use these five strategies to generate leads on LinkedIn.

  1. Share or produce content outside the box.
    Content development requires a solid strategy. The key is providing content that is non-salesy and specific to your audience. Use videos referencing industry news or events to position yourself as a thought leader.
  2. Value your audience’s time and attention.
    One of the most important LinkedIn video best practices is to keep your videos concise. Under five minutes is best. This is where content strategy plays a role. When you understand what your goals are for the content you’re creating, you can get straight to the point.
  3. Plan for mobile users.
    Nearly 57% of all LinkedIn engagement happens on mobile devices. With LinkedIn video, your audience can consume your content with little effort.
  4. Use smartphone apps or software to edit.
    You don’t have to hire video production experts to create your LinkedIn videos. Edit video using smartphone apps or software available for your PC or Mac. This can help you create sharper, more creative-looking products.
  5. Add subtitles when possible.
    Since most people will view your videos with the sound off, subtitles are important. Free tools like Animoto can help you and your team create short videos and add text easily.

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Video has become the preferred way to communicate and add to your social media strategy. It allows you to deal with complex ideas effectively — and in an entertaining way — showing prospects why you’re an authority in your field.

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