4 Steps to Help Your B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation Outsourced Team Work More Efficiently

Outsourcing your company’s B2B LinkedIn lead generation efforts can greatly increase the productivity of your internal sales and marketing teams. As the leader of your company’s in-house team, you want to achieve the highest possible output from your outsourced team to reduce your in-house team’s required input. For this to happen, it’s critical to evaluate the efficiency of the operational procedures you’re using with your outsourced team to facilitate a productive working relationship.

4 steps to enhance efficiency and productivity

Your outsourced team’s efficiency affects your company’s productivity, which impacts your bottom line. Here are four tips you can use to ensure your external team most efficiently achieves your LinkedIn lead generation goals.

1. Establish realistic goals

Setting goals is important for your internal team; however, it’s critical to establish clear objectives with your external LinkedIn lead generation team as well. Doing so provides all stakeholders with the means to focus their efforts. Set realistic expectations. This can help your outsourced team members define what targets they need to reach to meet certain deadlines.

For instance, start by identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ll be measuring. Gain commitment from your outsourced team and explore how you can help them reach their goals by breaking them down into small milestones. As your outsourced team reaches each milestone, celebrate their progress and move on to the next milestone until the goal has been achieved. This can help your outsourced team stay focused and motivated.

2. Analyze and follow up

Are your outsourced team members meeting the KPIs and exceeding the goals you established? If you established realistic goals but are not measuring and recording results based on this criterion, it’s unlikely you have the full performance picture. And it can be extremely difficult to determine if you’re on track or whether you need to improve your outsourced team’s processes. Assess how your outsourced team is performing on a regular basis and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. This will give you an opportunity to quickly follow up and make any necessary adjustments in working together. Correlating this information with lead volume and quality can allow you to accurately determine and report on each outsourced team member’s success.

3. Create a documented plan for improvement

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After you’ve analyzed and followed up on your outsourced team’s performance, create a documented improvement plan outsourced team members can follow. Involve all outsourced team members in the process. Outline your plan for them so no outsourced team member is confused about your expectations for improvement. Determine what resources your outsourced team needs to fill, identify any knowledge or skills gaps, and commit to providing any necessary training. Roll out process improvements one by one and establish how frequently you will assess the impacts of these efforts. Consider what might go wrong along the way and account for any obstacles by creating a contingency plan. And reward team members when they reach performance goals.

4. Repeat

Your plans for improvement should not be a single static strategy. Instead, you should establish new goals, analyze how your team did, provide them with the results, and create improvement plans on a regular basis. You need to continuously revisit your plans and reassess where you stand with your outsourced team’s productivity goals. Remember to follow up regularly with external and internal team members. Consider changes to operational processes, entertain new tactics, and collect ideas from everyone involved. This will help build mutual, trusting relationships with stakeholders on both teams.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving improved efficiency and greater LinkedIn lead generation productivity. Don’t leave it to chance: A little goal setting, analyzing, planning, and communication can go a long way!

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