4 Reasons to Add LinkedIn Video to Your Marketing Plan

As a B2B marketer, you need to ask yourself one question: Have I started thinking about LinkedIn video as part of my marketing strategy?

LinkedIn will offer native video sharing to all users in the next few months. Why is this important? Because LinkedIn video is a strategic way for you to launch a new marketing campaign or kick your existing efforts up a notch — and you can take advantage of this video marketing opportunity before everybody else gets on board.

analytics? Better targeting through analytics

One of the most useful aspects of this new feature is it enables you to track those who view your videos, the companies they work for, and their job titles, allowing you to gather valuable data about those interested in your content. With access to this information, you can adjust your targeting if viewer data shows your content attracts an audience that doesn’t quite fit your core customer persona.

? Sell your story

Brand building is all about selling your business story in a personal way that offers customers the ability to connect with your business on an emotional level. In the past, you could only tell your story on LinkedIn with written content. But social media users love vivid imagery and videos give you another tool to add to your arsenal and better engage your audience.

If you properly research your market, you know what types of content will appeal to your audience members, which may include things like:

  • vlogShort explainer videos about your products or services
  • Behind-the-scenes videos that give viewers insights into your company
  • Vlogs, aka video blogs, that offer shorter snippets of your longform written content: Vlogs should be short, valuable and entertaining, and provide viewers actionable information in clear, simple language

? Refine your B2B marketing efforts

LinkedIn is a premier B2B platform that can help brands market services, but it has always lacked advanced video options. Instead, LinkedIn users typically relied on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat for video content. With LinkedIn video, B2B marketers can remain on a suitable platform with their already captive audiences. Video can enhance LinkedIn content, provide exciting ways to launch new products, and let you share company events as they happen in real time.


? Be an early adopter

As the old saying goes, “The early bird always gets the worm.” To get a leg up on your competition, you need to jump into native LinkedIn videos sooner rather than later.

If you’re not already using LinkedIn, the new video option may be the motivation you need to get on board. And if you use LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy, you can use video sharing to enhance your strategy

[cta]Video is just one piece of the LinkedIn marketing puzzle. If you want to maximize your LinkedIn marketing effort results, it might be time to call in an expert. Contact me, Mark McIntosh, RevGrow CEO and founder, today by calling 972-998-5132, and I’ll be happy to explain how I can help you.[/cta]

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