3 Ways an Outsourced Team Increases B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation Efficiency

3 Ways an Outsourced Team Increases B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation Efficiency

LinkedIn is becoming the preferred place for B2B business leaders to generate leads and nurture them into customers. Yet taking the time to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn can be time consuming, costly, and requires knowledge specific to the social platform. That’s why many B2B leaders are outsourcing their LinkedIn lead generation. But how can an outsourced team increase B2B LinkedIn lead generation efficiency?

It’s important to understand why B2B leaders choose LinkedIn for lead generation. According to an article on LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog:

  • 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn
  • 92% of B2B Marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other social platforms
  • 94% of B2B Marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content

With so much opportunity on LinkedIn, why aren’t more B2B leaders using it for lead generation? Many want to, but their core business responsibilities don’t allow them to spare the time to learn and then implement best practices. An outsourced team can help with these concerns, leaving B2B leaders to do what they do best.

Increase efficiency in generating B2B leads from LinkedIn

You may use several tactics to generate leads, but — even once captured — you likely have to spend a lot of time and effort to nurture, manage, and convert those leads into sales. Though you can opt to source your own leads, you can save yourself time and effort by hiring experts at an agency to help.

Still need some convincing? Here are the top three reasons why outsourced LinkedIn B2B lead generation can be more efficient for your business.

1. Skills, experience, and expertise

Hiring an outsourced team means having access to experienced professionals. These experts have the skills and expertise necessary to optimize your B2B LinkedIn lead generation efforts. You don’t have to spend time, energy, or money training new employees for B2B LinkedIn lead generation when you work with an outsourced team.

Many small business owners cannot afford in-house B2B LinkedIn lead generation support teams. As many large businesses have these teams in place, outsourcing allows small business owners to level the playing field. With more players on their side, critical tasks are spread out among more individuals. Availability and expertise allow outsourced teams to manage risks due to sudden changes in business and industry conditions.

2. In-house team productivity

Outsourcing can also be the best solution for time consuming tasks. This refers to

  • repetitive tasks, such as adding prospects to your database and managing all your B2B LinkedIn lead generation activities.
  • creative tasks, which you may have to complete often. These tasks include content curation, production, and other LinkedIn marketing efforts.
  • specialized tasks, which require knowledge of a specific skill set. Specialized tasks include creating infographics or designing images to go with LinkedIn publications.

While LinkedIn tasks can fall under any of these three categories, they’re all necessary parts of a strong B2B lead generation plan. As in-house team productivity is key to running a strong business, you may put it at the top of your list of outsourced considerations. Through outsourcing, you could hand B2B LinkedIn lead generation activities to your specialized team. This would free up your in-house team, allowing them to focus on the specialized tasks they do best. This makes their work processes faster and more efficient as well as allows you to scale your business faster.

Many B2B leaders don’t see the importance of outsourcing LinkedIn lead generation. They think they can find the time for themselves or their employees to perform these tasks. Yet, as businesses grow over time, customer volumes tend to catch up to what in-house teams are capable of. Without support, B2B leaders often scramble to hire extra help to catch up on related tasks. Outsourcing can help with that before it becomes an issue.

3. Cost savings

Cost is one of the largest factors small business leaders consider when hiring new help. Even for those with strong sales teams, outsourcing B2B LinkedIn lead generation can be beneficial. In fact, an outsourced team can provide more qualified leads who are closer to being sales-ready. With qualified leads from outsourced efforts flowing in, strong sellers can also shorten the time it takes to turn them into customers.

Another option for business leaders looking for cost-savings is to hire a freelancer or two for a cheap rate. But this “solution” is often fraught with potential problems. Freelancers often don’t know local or even national markets well enough to produce content that will be relevant to target audiences. Also, business leaders can’t always be sure of their potential hires’ quality of work, especially if they’re willing to work at a bargain price.

Hiring an outsourced B2B LinkedIn lead generation team can provide you and your employees with access to new skills, experience, and expertise at a fixed monthly rate. Best of all? These teams can target, generate, and nurture B2B LinkedIn leads. They can also offer your sales team higher quality leads to help you grow your business and your revenue.

[cta]Outsourcing your B2B LinkedIn lead generation efforts is one of the easiest ways to increase efficiency while keeping costs low.

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