3 Tips to Motivate Your B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation Outsourced Team

B2B LinkedIn lead generation is a long-term investment in the future of your business. Making the decision to work with a team of skilled professionals can help you increase your return on that investment. However, understanding how to motivate an outsourced team throughout the process of working together will also likely determine how successful you are in your efforts.

Remember, outsourced teams don’t always have the same connection with your company as your internal employees. They are inherently removed from your environment and may be part of a very different company culture. These external factors might cause members of an outsourced team to become unmotivated. However, you can positively influence your outsourced team from a distance in several ways.

1. Train

bigstock 172457000You hired your outsourced team for their proven B2B LinkedIn lead generation skills. And, like members of your internal team, your outsourced team members will also need to gain familiarity with your unique processes, technologies, and corporate culture. It’s important you give them the opportunity to acquaint themselves with your business just as any new employee would.

2. Respect

One way to hinder your outsourced team’s motivation is through micromanaging. It’s a poor use of time, and micromanaging outsourced employees sends a message of distrust. Show your outsourced team members you respect their abilities to perform the work for which you hired them. Having confidence in their abilities can motivate them much more than monitoring their every move. Also, be respectful of their time. Your outsourced team members are busy generating your leads. Communicating too frequently can distract them from this core purpose. Stick to agreed-upon meeting times, make sure you are accessible when they need you, and don’t waste their time with unnecessary meetings or tasks.

By showing outsourced team members respect in these ways, you can also earn theirs. Teams and leaders who show mutual respect motivate one another to perform at their best.

3. Give

bigstock Business People Joining Hands 181864057 2Show outsourced team members your appreciation by rewarding them financially or otherwise when they achieve goals. Monetary rewards and incentives can be great motivators, but there are many other ways to give:

  • You can be giving of your time: other than being accessible when they need you for business purposes, make yourself available to teach, answer questions, and offer feedback.
  • Give constructive criticism: your team members want to know when they are performing as expected or when they need to do better.
  • Give praise: outsourced team members crave praise and recognition. These cost nothing to give, but repayment can be invaluable.

When you give to your outsourced employees, you build them up for continued success.

You may be miles apart, but you can still be close. Allow yourself the opportunity to build relationships with your external team members. Train, respect, and reward your outsourced LinkedIn lead generation team, and you can motivate them to achieve the best possible return on your company’s investment.

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