3 Things You Can Do Today to Generate Leads from LinkedIn

Business leaders today know how important social media can be for increasing their website traffic. Tapping into the largest professional network on the internet can help you generate new leads — and LinkedIn is the social media platform that drives the most customers to business-to-business (B2B) content.

Get in and work the room

Once you’ve started your LinkedIn profile, you can begin connecting with people you know professionally. Establishing your first-degree connections is only the beginning. The next step includes developing a strategy to reach out to personal contacts through messaging. These first-degree connections are important when building your audience. Since they’re considered “low-hanging fruit,” messaging to these first-degree connections can help expand your circle because you can ask them for introductions to their first-degree connections. These are your second-degree connections.

apple on treeYou should follow a level of etiquette when reaching out to these second-degree connections. Always ask your first-degree connections to introduce you to second-degree contacts. Those second-degree contacts are more likely to engage with you when you have mutual connection support.

When you reach out to any connection, have a strategy and use a compelling message. Let your contacts know why you wish to connect and how linking together can be beneficial for you both.

High-value messaging

Once you establish your audience, what you say and how you say it can increase your credibility and value. You should use high-value messaging as a tool to:

  • Stay in front of prospects. Sales cycles can sometimes be long. To ensure interests don’t fade, stay top-of-mind with messages that re-emphasize your business value: Remind them how you can be of help.
  • Build rapport. Just like friends who check in with you when they haven’t touched base in a while, when you check in with prospects just to see how they’re doing, you can help the relationship along. Remember: Be sincere — not sales-pitchy.
  • Show expertise. When you share relevant ideas and insights, you demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field. This is exactly what you want prospects to recognize about you so you can become a valuable source of information to them.

As you develop and distribute your messages, people who need your services and see value in what you’re providing can find you and ask to connect with you. You can also nurture these new leads.


Like, share, endorse

Networking on LinkedIn requires give and take. Using this social media resource to its fullest requires active participation. Liking someone’s content, sharing interesting articles, and offering relevant insights helps establish your brand.

Also, take time to endorse colleagues and other people you know well. This helps build your relationships and demonstrates your support for and interest in others.
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