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3 Secrets Everyone Should Use to Improve Their LinkedIn Profiles

Man looks at the magnifying glass the screen of a tablet

When it comes to successfully leveraging LinkedIn, there’s a lot to familiarize yourself with. From optimizing your profile to uploading native videos and finding targeted groups, it can sometimes feel less like professional networking and more like learning a foreign language. Successfully navigating LinkedIn takes more than just technical know-how: There’s also a certain finesse […]

Use LinkedIn Search to Find Prospects Who Fit Your Target Criteria


You likely know LinkedIn is the most popular and widely used social media platform for business and B2B sales. That’s why you created your client-facing profile in the first place! So, aside from building a great profile, what is the key to ensuring you’re taking full advantage of the platform? The ability to effectively seek […]

Position Your Personal Brand by Creating a LinkedIn Client-Facing Profile

As a B2B professional, you’re likely among the thousands of other B2B company leaders who have a presence on LinkedIn. The business-oriented social networking platform is a great marketing tool to expand exposure, generate leads, share knowledge, and network with industry professionals. However, if you’re not using a client-facing personal profile to grow your brand, […]

New LinkedIn Features Can Help You Crush Your Marketing Goals


LinkedIn insiders are optimizing the platform for mobile and desktop users alike. In a world increasingly dominated by mobile devices, they haven’t forgotten about LinkedIn desktop users. Those behind the social media giant recently introduced a host of features to optimize the platform for users across all devices. How can you take advantage of these innovations?