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A Balanced Content Mix for Your Lead Generation Platform

RevGrow-A Balanced Content Mix for Your Lead Generation Platform

To leverage the social selling aspect of your lead generation platform, you will want to find a balanced content mix. A content mix includes a variety of the type of content you share as well as a good blend of curated and company owned content. Curated Content and Your Lead Generation Platform There are many […]

Effective Messaging for Your Lead Generation Platform

RevGrow-Effective Messaging for Your Lead Generation Strategy

Creating a cohesive lead generation platform includes the messages you create. After you create a client-facing profile and a laser-targeted search strategy, your messaging has to reinforce your branding. Don’t make your profile look like you are all about the customer and then send the default LinkedIn connection request. You also don’t want to start […]

Position Yourself for LinkedIn Lead Generation Success

LinkedIn isn’t the place for resumes, blatant sales pitches or spammy direct messages. If you are looking to position yourself for LinkedIn lead generation success, then you need to consider your positioning (personal branding) strategy. They Really Like You If you are a service-based company then you are your business. People are going to want […]