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3 Imperative Elements of a LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

3 Imperative Elements of a LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy-RevGrow

In order to effectively engage with prospects in your LinkedIn network, you need to have something valuable to offer them. Creating a content marketing strategy will enable you to promote your brand, connect with prospects and keep the vital credo of social selling: service not sales. Here are three imperative elements of a LinkedIn content […]

How To Nurture Your LinkedIn Connections Through Direct Messages

This week, our blog post is from RevGrow’s own Cathy Yerges, Director of Client Services and LinkedIn expert and trainer. To see the original post on LinkedIn, click here. Connecting with someone on LinkedIn is just like starting a conversation with someone at a networking event. You need to work to keep the conversation going and […]

Engaging LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies


Using social media sites like LinkedIn for B2B marketing  is like walking a tightrope. Blindfolded. Without a net. And the floor beneath you is lava. Creating engaging LinkedIn Lead generation strategies is a challenge, but it IS possible. The key is always to  put your prospects’ needs first. Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t About You It […]