Monthly Archives: June 2017

LinkedIn Messaging: Write and Respond to Build Your Business

Once you’ve identified your ideal clients on LinkedIn, you need messaging to invite and give them a reason to connect with you. When you’re set up and ready to increase your leads and see results, you’ve got to start feeding your messaging machine! With the right messaging, you can generate sales appointments when you want to grow your business. ✒️ Personalize […]

Pro Tips: Social Media Marketing for Public Accounting Leaders

Social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogs all both provide fast, excellent opportunities for you to get in touch with potential clients and save your company money. With social media, you can recruit new CPAs, monitor industry trends, and keep in touch with your contacts. Savvy firm leaders have already jumped on the […]

LinkedIn: Your Professional News Source and Lead-Generation Hub


LinkedIn has become much more than a simple social media platform for professionals. With 500 million users, LinkedIn has morphed into a social media conglomerate. A desktop site redesign has changed user navigation, feed content selection, and profile recommendations. LinkedIn developers are also working on making the platform a news source for professionals and a lead-generation […]