LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation

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LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation System

Do you want a Proven System that Delivers
More Qualified and Consistent Leads with your prospects,
while positioning YOU as the Authority in your business sector?

Without a steady flow of new leads and clients, the long-term growth and viability of a firm is uncertain. Yet, it has become increasingly difficult to reach new clients with traditional sales & marketing techniques such as cold calling, email blasts and direct mail.

In addition, firms often don’t have the processes and systems in place to consistently get in front of more of their ideal prospects. But, they do know that if they had more qualified leads and appointments, they could easily grow.

If your business suffers from inconsistent revenue… If you are tired of spending thousands each month on advertising only to have no way to track the outcome… If you’re disappointed with the lack of results that traditional marketing tactics like cold calling offer…then LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation is just for you.

Here’s why…

RevGrow has a proven roadmap to attract qualified leads, which gets you in front of more of your ideal prospects, increases your revenue, and takes the guesswork out of your marketing strategy.

The result: lowered client acquisition costs, and a turn-key solution that allows you to focus on what you do best.

The Benefits to you

✓ Keep your brand and message in front of thousands of prospects.
✓ Place your marketing messages in your prospects’ inboxes on a regular basis.
✓ Establish yourself and your organization as THE Authority and Expert in your field.
✓ Gain a predictable system for generating a steady flow of high-quality leads that you are currently missing out on.
✓  Build a massive database of key prospects that you’ll be able to leverage for years to come.
Systematic, non-salesy approach to consistent revenue growth


The cost of doing nothing…..

  • Your cold leads remain just that…ice cold.
  • Finding the right clients becomes an expensive exercise in frustration.
  • Your message sounds just like everyone else, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd.
  • Your pipeline is never consistently full.
  • You or your sales team don’t have a framework for making the most of your appointments.
  • The appointments you do have seem to go well, but then your hottest prospects call your competition when it’s time to buy.


How it all works…..

RevGrow utilizes a systematic and proven approach, leveraging LinkedIn, content marketing, email, and inbound marketing to generate new sales leads, C-level appointments and additional revenue for our clients.

1-1 Strategy Session : We will work with you and your team to determine your ideal target market so we can custom design a creative and powerful LinkedIn and email marketing campaign that will generate a steady flow of new leads…week after week, month after month.

Profile Optimization : We will position you not only as the “Go to Authority” in your field, and also as one of the good guys, someone your prospects will know, like and trust.

Re-Engage with First Degree Connections who fit your target prospect criteria but may have gone stale.

Integrate internal prospect lists to our LinkedIn Drip Messaging campaign.

Review proposals issued over the last few years and re-engage where appropriate.

Identify and Join Targeted Groups : Hang out where your prospects hang out for discussion, visibility, and ongoing prospecting.

Database Build of Targeted Prospects : All the while building up a database that you can leverage for years to come. They see your weekly updates and posts, which allows you to remain top-of-mind.

Build Out and Launch Group : Your own LinkedIn group, combined with the messaging campaign, provides a powerful venue to consistently stay top-of-mind with your prospects. It is the combination of valuable content and resources provided within the group, along with the personal nature of the ongoing messaging that allows us such high percentage success in generating leads.

High-Value Prospect Messaging Campaign : We manage your messaging campaign so that you stay in front of your prospects, build rapport and demonstrate expertise. Over time, we consistently make offers and invitations to events, webinars, and other resources. Our average success rate getting appointments is 20-30% on average.

High-Quality Content Updates: We curate and publish relevant Updates to your LinkedIn stream on a daily basis. These expand your reach on LinkedIn, create social engagement and establish credibility and authority.

Engagement Actions : We Like, Share &  Endorse key  prospects to help you remain “front of mind” and further grow your first­ degree network with relevant people.

Custom, Hyper-Targeted Advanced Searches for ongoing Prospecting : Weekly digest of new prospects who meet your ideal target prospect criteria for ongoing prospecting to fill your funnel with new leads.

And what sets us apart ……….

[tx_animate animation=”bounceIn” duration=”1″ delay=”.2″ inline=”no”]Our clients can expect an average 20% – 30%  favorable response rate[/tx_animate]

Here’s what that means to you: For every 100 targeted prospects we take through our process, on average 20 – 30 will agree to speak with you or your sales team. Compare that to cold calling which generates less than a 2% success rate.

We have tried and tested over 10,000 email and LinkedIn messages so we not only know what works, but perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t work.


And that’s not all we do ……….

Getting the appointment is important, but it’s only part of the challenge, we don’t leave you high and dry we offer the full package .

We will help you prepare for appointments and make a great first impression. You’ll be able to effortlessly demonstrate that you are capable, trustworthy, personable, and can solve their problem.
LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation

Appointment Training

We provide training with a general playbook, sample questions, agenda & scripts so your partners make the most of their appointments

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Lead Nurturing

Building long-term relationships with your prospects, we increase the odds that you will stay top-of-mind when the time is right.

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Get more leads using LinkedIn

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