Case Studies

RevGrow Case Study | Medical Recruiting

The Situation:  The recruiting firm was under new ownership and wanted to showcase their industry expertiseand take a more consultative approach to securing placement opportunities for physicians.

The Solution:  The firm chose a full done-for-you package to incorporate network building, lead generation, and content sharing.

The Process: The campaign included the following elements:

Positioning: The firm recently updated their branding and website. Our approach was to incorporate the same language and imagery into the client’s personal LinkedIn profile and the company’s LinkedIn page.

Targeting: The client understood their target market very well and we were able to use these parameters with LinkedIn’s advanced search features to create a list of prospective medical facilities that were reachable on LinkedIn. From there we were able to identify the appropriate decision-makers at each facility. These efforts were supplemented with a list the client had previously purchased for another marketing effort

Messaging: The key to the messaging was to approach each contact in a way to spur conversation while being respectful of their time. The messages were written with a professionally casual tone and got straight to the reason why we were reaching out to them.

Content: The firm has a great track record of placements. Each new placement was highlighted in a post to congratulate the medical facility on their new hire. This drew attention from peers in the industry and strengthened the firm’s reputation. We also worked to have all employees of the firm share the content to their personal networks on LinkedIn.

The Results:  They had a large Orthopedic Group in Florida sign up for multiple searches that lead to over75K in search fees in 2019. Plus this has opened the door for multiple other opportunities. They placed three Orthopedic Surgeons in 2019 and also have several in the pipeline for 2020.

Client Testimonial

RevGrow Case Study | IT Search & Staffing Firm

The Situation:  Rob is a successful IT Search & Staffing professional in the Dallas, TX area. He understands that to grow his firm, he needs the opportunity to get in front of more decision makers looking to build out their IT teams

The Solution:   Rob hired RevGrow to run a LinkedIn Campaign with the goal to establish his firm as a leader in the industry, build community through his network and produce leads.

The Process:
The campaign included the following elements:

Positioning: Rob’s LinkedIn profile was optimized to position him as a leader in the industry and differentiate him from the competition through the extra value that he provides to his network.

Targeting: We implemented a way to connect with people in a position of author

Messaging: Most people would assume a recruiter is reaching out to connect with them for job placement. We didn't want that kind of engagement, so we clarified the intention for the connection request in the messaging to be transparent.

Content: We tested a variety of content that was shared on LinkedIn and by analyzing the metrics, we found the right mix of 3rd party content and original content written by Rob to keep him top-of-mind.

Group: A LinkedIn Group was established with the focus of building community among C-level technology executives in Rob’s area of business.

The Results:

 1st level connections grew by 300+ targeted C-level executives in Rob’s target market.

 An average of 12 leads are produced every month. These leads are phone meetings with decision-making professionals in Rob’s target market who have come to know him through LinkedIn.

 RevGrow helped Rob WIN two $100k+ search contracts netting him $25k each in fees.

 Views on content shared increased from an average of 400 views to an average of 1,800 views per post.

 The LinkedIn Group quickly grew to 280 carefully curated members that meet the criteria of his target audience. An in-person networking event was held for members of this group with 38 C-level executives attending. Rob was pleased with the outcome and planned a second event which was attended by more than 30 executives. In his own words "The intent [of the event] was to promote conversation, networking and exchange of ideas and feel that we more than accomplished that!” More Group-member meetup events are in the works.

 Several LinkedIn prospects are in the pipeline that Rob expects to become clients in the next 6 months.

Client Testimonial

“Really quite impressed with the RevGrow team. Not only are they easy to work with but they also deeply care about the outcome. They make an extra ef ort to listen and ef iciently add value. They seamlessly act as an extension of my team by helping me to reach new prospects and allowing me to focus more on delivery and less on marketing and business development.”
Rob – IT Search and Staffing Firm Owner – Dallas, TX

RevGRow Case Study | Retail & Manufacturing Sales Consulting

The Situation:  The firm was struggling to connect with people in their niche industry that they needed to, in order to create the visibility they wanted with potential clients.

The Solution:   The firm chose a full done-for-you package to incorporate network building, lead generation, content creation, and content engagement, in order to meet the problems above. RevGrow was the only solution they looked at, given the relationship the firm had with Mark due to local networking.

The Process:
The campaign included the following elements:

Positioning: Connecting Manufacturers & Retailers in the Creative Arts & Home Decor Industries for Better Access and Increased Sales & Profits.

Targeting: Primarily manufacturers and vendors worldwide; Regional account managers, sales and marketing directors; secondarily national retailers who carry arts & crafts, home decor that represents as clients or ideal prospects; Surround strategy to connect with industry media and trade associations.

Messaging: The first message campaign was asking a question about pro/con of tradeshows. It yielded an overwhelming response and led to content creation. The second messaging campaign is inviting influencers to participate as guests on a new podcast they are launching.

Content: Original content created from tradeshow pro/con outreach, interviews (transcribed), weekly motivational #MondayMindsetRest, Content in the arts and craft industry - geared to the vendor or manufacturer on trends on “how to“ to help them sell to retailers. Content most engaging is trade show onsite posts. Articles about his team performed well. Launched MondayMindsetReset, spotlights on company culture.

The Results:

The results have been a continuing and large mushrooming effect. Their visibility in their industry has increased considerably and it has caused them to emerge as thought leaders in the industry. It has increased the value perception of who they are and what they offer. They are now owning the space!

RevGrow has been able to help create their identity within the industry. Bottom line is, it has helped them connect with several key clients and potential leads that they would have never been able to connect without the RevGrow process and service.

Specific Results:

Back in December, the client was reached out to by an industry leader on LinkedIn and has kept a dialogue going off and on since Christmas. They met again at a show in Phoenix in early 2020. The client and this leader are now working towards a potential partnership because of the outreach that started on LinkedIn.

Client Testimonial

“I’ve seen more leads than I can keep up with, which isn’t a bad problem to have!”
Clint O. - DFW, TX