Using LinkedIn to Build and Maintain Relationships

Using LinkedIn to Build and Maintain Relationships

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It is important to build and maintain the relationship you are developing on LinkedIn, because after all, Social Media is really about being social. Once you’ve identified your ideal clients on LinkedIn, you need proper messaging to invite them to connect by giving them a compelling reason to connect with you. When you’re set up and ready to increase your leads and see results, you’ve got to start feeding your messaging machine! With the right messaging, you can generate sales appointments when you want to grow your business.

Personalize your messaging

While it’s helpful to use templates to standardize your LinkedIn messaging and include everything you need to every time, you’ve also got to make it personal. In an invitation, you want to use the person’s name, share commonalities like common connections or groups.

You can keep your initial messages a bit more generic, but as relationships grow, you’ll want to appeal to your potential clients’ personalities, interests and life events. Asking about not only their professional interests, but also about recent vacations or holidays, can be a great place to start. They not only let your message to your recipients know you care about relationships, but also helps to maintain a personal aspect of business. After all, your dealings are person to person even though they’re business-to-business sales.

An introductory template

Now that you know what you’ll need to add, you can start building your templates. Introducing yourself to other professionals via a message can seem a little awkward, which again sheds light on the importance of your LinkedIn messaging. When you add a reason why you could connect, like a common interest, your recipient has a chance to see how he or she could benefit from the relationship and may be more likely to connect with you.

Here’s an example of a great introductory message:

Hi Bill, I came across your profile today and noticed we share common experience working with professional service firms. Let’s connect and explore how we might benefit by being connected. Thanks, Mark

Your messaging machine

As you add more connections to your network, your constant messaging campaign can help you stay in front of your prospects and clients while building rapport and demonstrating your expertise. From a simple hello and request for a connection, you can move into offering webinar invitations, exclusive eBook prereleases, invitations to events, and more to your inner LinkedIn circle. You can even work these special offers into your messaging process, but remember to make these interactions meaningful: They should never be sales pitches.

So, what should your messaging plan look like? After you introduce yourself and get the connection you requested, send a simple “thank you.” Let your new contact know you appreciate being a part of her or his network and are available should he or she want to reach out.

When you begin these conversations, keep them going! Failing to respond to a LinkedIn message is allowing an opportunity to pass you by, just like hanging up halfway through a promising sales call. Don’t overwhelm yourself by sending out too many introductory messages and leaving yourself unable to respond to the prospects who message you back. Finally, don’t be afraid to follow up if you don’t get a response. However, be respectful and allow two to three weeks between messages with no response. You want your recipients to see gentle reminders — not spam. When they see you attempting to continue a genuine relationship, they’re more likely to understand that you value their connection and begin to build trust in you.

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