Why You Should Build Relationships on LinkedIn

Build Relationships on LinkedIn

Nurturing Prospects is the Key to Business Development

Some of your most valuable business assets are the relationships you develop while building your business. It’s crucial to business development that you are nice to everyone you meet, especially your customers. Asking them how they are, talk about the weather, and ask how you can help them are all great conversation starters. However, to build a true relationship from these interactions, your conversations and your actions need to go deeper.

Trust is a very important factor in building relationships that actually stick. It takes time to build up trust; it takes patience. But once you establish that trust, you need to be careful and continue to nurture the relationship because it only takes one misstep for something to happen, and that trust is gone.

Start to monitor all your relationships in your business development. Make note of the ones that are true relationships and really working for you and the ones that are not. This goes for both your customers and your vendors.

You need to evaluate the pros and cons of each relationship to determine where to focus more of your attention. Trust your evaluation and intuition in choosing the relationships you feel are worth your time and investment. Focus on these relationships and serving them. 

How Nurturing Relationships Increases Sales

Someone who trusts you will buy from you. Continue to stay connected with them and share as much value as possible. Satisfied customers and well-nurtured prospects will tell their friends and family about your business and help bring in more customers.

Follow up with your customers and ask how they are liking their product or service. Survey them to gain an understanding of how well your business is doing in your customer’s eyes. Always make sure your marketing is on point.

Using LinkedIn for sales lead generation and building relationships is a wonderful place to start. Connect with potential prospects and provide them with value.

Email marketing is another great way to continuously reach out from time to time asking how they are and providing value as well as sales and discounts. It’s viral as well. People who find what you do interesting or valuable will forward your e-mail message to other people. Continue to nurture your customers and watch for all the new sales.

How Nurturing Relationships Improves the Quality of Leads

The Necessity of Building a Relationship on LinkedIn-RevGrow

Social media lead generation is the new frontier of connecting with customers and prospects, alike. There are millions of people on social media every day. If your business isn’t on social media, it needs to be. Social media can drastically improve the number of leads for your company.

However, to get quality leads, you must learn how to nurture your relationships coming from your social media channels like you nurture your other relationships. Just because the internet makes it easy for someone to buy, doesn’t mean they are going to click the buy button as soon as they see something they like.

Prospects will often research your company – they are going to check out your LinkedIn and/or Facebook Business Page. They will want to see 5-star reviews! This is your chance to really show them that you have the best of the best out there. Let them know they have come to the right place. Once they buy, continue to let them know and show them they’ve come to the right place.

How Nurturing Relationships Affects the Steady Flow of Leads

It’s very important to always keep things moving. Decide who your best current relationships are and keep providing them with what they need to stay loyal to you. Continue to do your marketing and bring in those new leads on a steady basis. Collect their information, and provide the value needed for them to start building up that trust in your business and your products or services.

How Nurturing Relationships Affects Both Your Company and Personal Brands

the Necessity of Building a Relationship on LinkedIn-RevGrow

If you don’t have strong relationships with your buyers, then you will soon be out of business. Your personal brand differentiates you from the other competition.

Maybe you have a contagious smile or your product has the best benefits and your current customers are raving to their friends and family about it. If you are constantly discovering new ways to promote your business, you have better opportunities to attract more visitors who start to research your company or stop by your storefront.  Continue to build interest and curiosity about you and your brand.

Know that you can’t do something one time and expect a slew of people coming through your door. Every day, commit to doing at least one thing that is going to better your business and nurture your most valued relationships.

Are you struggling to keep your pipeline filled with qualified leads? Are normal lead generation strategies no longer working for your business? 

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