Appointment Readiness & 1-1 Sales Coaching

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Appointment Readiness
& 1-1 Sales Coaching

We prepare you for your appointments so you make the best first impression,
position yourself properly, and convert more prospects into clients.
We will give you access a massive database that you’ll be able to leverage for years to come.
We help you identify those prospects who are ready, willing, and able to buy from you now.

We provide training and coaching to help you demonstrate that you are not only capable, trustworthy, and personable, but can also solve their problem and most importantly why they should hire you!

Discovery Call Checklist and Sales Meeting Playbook to help YOU Win More Business

This easy-to-follow playbook helps
  • You prepare for meetings, research prospects, ask the right questions, and guide the client towards making a purchase decision.
  • Make a powerful first impression during sales meetings.
  • Build rapport and develop trust.
  • Understand the prospect’s pain points and current situation.
  • Close more business.
  • Understand the prospect’s desire to change / use your services.
  • Demonstrate the value of your services to prospects based on their unique context.
  • Identify key decision makers.
  • Secure a follow up meeting.
  • Agree on a plan / path forward.

Along with our proven Revenue Growth System that delivers more qualified and consistent leads, we will work with you to develop and execute a tailored, post-appointment and Lead Nurturing Plan so you remain top-of- mind, continue to add value, and build relationships with your prospects so they call you when they are ready to buy.

Here’s what to do now

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