Executive Team

Mark McIntosh
Cathy Yerges
Director of Client Service
Nicole Hoglund
Director of Team Engagement

Sales Directors

Cynthia Brown Mathews
Midwest Sales Director
Courtney W. Brown
Northeast Sales Director
Alicia Hicks
Sales Director
Troy Owens
Sales Director
Tad Stephens
Sales Director

Account Managers

Chris Rudolph
Account Manager
Heather Rodgers-Account Manager-RevGrow
Heather Rodgers
Account Manager
Judi Radice Hays
Senior Account Manager
Lisa Estes
Account Manager
Caroline Hearn
Account Manager
Britney Shuck
Account Manager
Ryan Wilkerson
Account Manager

Marketing & Operations

Jason Heider
Operations Manager
Wendy Lewis
Marketing Manager
Jacob Meister
Digital Marketing Intern
Hannah Tighe
Content Curation Specialist