Our Team

Lisa Estes

Account Manager

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2012 and received my masters degree in business communication from

I have been in the social media consulting space for the past 3 years. My focus has and is on the small business and entrepreneur categories of business. I love to see the dramatic growth a small business experiences once they put an online marketing plan in place. Prior to starting my consulting business, I have held various position in business administration and marketing during the 20+ years in Corporate America. I work closely with my clients helping them reap the rewards that come from having a systematic lead generation campaign as part of their marketing plan. I love what I do and enjoy the energy and momentum that develops as I collaborate with my clients building out their campaign, dialing in their target markets, and curating great content that speaks to their audience on LinkedIn. I get great satisfaction in a job well-done watching their LinkedIn network grow and seeing that network turn into closing the sale. It’s my job to give my clients more hours back in their day so they can do what they do best, being in front of their clients.

My hobbies include a love for anything vintage (I’m always on the hunt at estate sales, flea markets, vintage festivals.) I love to cook and attend a culinary program that teaches plant-based cooking (I’m learning to bake brownies using avocados, sounds strange but tastes good.) My favorite time of year is the Fall because that’s when college football comes back and I love the weather too.