Empower Your Customer – Make Them The Hero in Your Sales Pitch

Empower Your Customers

In previous blogs, we’ve shown that each person wants to be the hero of their own story. When crafting your sales pitch, you want to make the customer the hero and establish yourself as the guide. Your job as the guide is to address their problems and guide them toward your solution.

As the hero, your customer envisions themselves as the person who can solve problems as they arise. If the hero can easily solve their own problems, they don’t need your guidance. The more challenging problem is where you come in as the guide. However, instead of saving the day, think of how you can empower your customer with your product or service.

Establish rapport

You need to do this with a potential customer before you ever ask for the sale. Your products and services are highly valuable, and they don’t come cheap. Getting customers to make the investment will require them to be comfortable with you.

Show them you are there to support them with empathy and authority.


A prospective customer is talking to you because they have reached a challenge that is causing them pain or anguish of some sort. Showing your concern and understanding of that pain is key to creating a relationship that is more than transactional.


Offer advice and resources that may or may not have anything to do with your solution to show you are invested in their work and are a trusted resource. LinkedIn is a great place to share advice and resources.

Before doing business with you, a savvy business person will want to check you out. Make sure that your website, your LinkedIn profile, and any other informational collateral, displays the kinds of results you have helped similar customers achieve. Using testimonials, statistics, and awards that show concrete results far outweigh any grandstanding or outright bragging you might want to do.

Give them a plan

The plan does include your solution. The customer has come up against a challenge that can’t be solved given their current constraints. Whether it’s time, money, manpower, technology, or a variety of other issues, these constraints are keeping them from where they want to be.

Your plan should clarify the solution and mitigate risks.

Clarify the Solution

As the guide, you provide the path from the problem to the solution. Take the steps along with them, and be as specific as possible. Establish roles, timelines and expectations. Help them reach the solution and remain the hero.

Mitigate risks

When making a big investment in a solution, customers will often ask themselves, if not you, “What if this doesn’t work?”

Before agreeing to do business together, encourage them to talk to other customers.

During contract discussions, address any concerns that may arise.

Once work has begun, establish routing check-ins to ensure the project is running smoothly.

At the end of the day, you want your customer to remain the hero. Empower them to feel they’ve made the right decision to work with you. Build rapport through empathy and authority, and give them a clear plan that mitigates risks.

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