Monthly Archives: July 2017

4 Reasons to Add LinkedIn Video to Your Marketing Plan

As a B2B marketer, you need to ask yourself one question: Have I started thinking about LinkedIn video as part of my marketing strategy? LinkedIn will offer native video sharing to all users in the next few months. Why is this important? Because LinkedIn video is a strategic way for you to launch a new […]

How Can You Use LinkedIn for B2B Social Selling?

Those who see the value of social media as a business tool have introduced “social selling,” which is transforming staid marketing campaigns. Social selling means using social platforms to build your brand, grow your professional relationships, and nurture your sales prospects. While tweets and likes on other sites have drawn considerable attention from marketers, LinkedIn […]

What’s the Best Way to Tell Your Story on LinkedIn?

Everyone loves a good story. The best way to influence purchasing decisions is by telling stories; people can often better relate to stories rather than cold, hard facts. People love vivid imagery, penetrating examples they can take to heart, and anecdotes that stick in their memories. At their best, personal stories connect people to one […]

Ready to Go Viral on LinkedIn? Follow These Tips

Viral Linkedin

To go viral on LinkedIn, you don’t have to get lucky. In fact, the opposite is true. You can take these simple steps to share smart, viral content. It’s a matter of smart content strategy and genuine engagement. What is viral content? Loosely defined, viral content is any article, picture, video — any piece of […]