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Beat Your Competition on LinkedIn


In April 2017 — shortly before its fourteenth birthday — LinkedIn crossed the 500 million user mark. The site is the largest professional network in the world, and B2B leaders use it for professional advancement and growth. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that professionals and brands use to develop their images, market their products and […]

Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

build your personal brand

A personal brand is so vital today that best-selling author and professor Dorie Clark thinks business school professors should add it to their curriculums. Your brand is your reputation, so having a good brand can establish you as a thought leader and expert in your field. This can help open many doors, especially for women […]

Trending Storylines and B2B Leaders

On March 22, 2017, LinkedIn introduced Trending Storylines in an effort to increase user engagement and make its site more useful for its network of professionals. Trending Storylines is a curated feed of news items surrounding a specific topic that may be of interest to an individual user. This new feature can potentially be of great benefit […]

Forget Facebook – Leverage LinkedIn


Many businesses attempting to create a powerful content marketing strategy for blogs and social media fail to leverage one of the best platforms at their disposal: LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a formidable collection of B2B and B2C professionals, with more than 500 million registered users looking for relevant content. Putting together an informed LinkedIn content marketing strategy should […]

Tips to Nurture Leads on LinkedIn


For prospects, 90% of their journey might be complete before you reach them. That being said, marketing is responsible for keeping your message in front of your prospects throughout the sales cycle. When marketing, you might conduct lead nurturing with automated email; however, keep in mind that only 5% of website visitors will share an email address. […]

When to Publish on LinkedIn

When you post good content on social media, you want to reach as many eyes as possible. Reaching a large portion of your target audience is not just about creating relevant content; it is also about releasing your content at the right time. Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn has an optimal time to publish […]

What Makes a Prospect Profile Effective

profile example

Growing revenue with lead generation doesn’t mean selling to anyone who might be interested. You can cast a wide net and hope to catch as many prospects as possible. But that is an inefficient use of limited resources. Instead, elevate your chances by narrowing down prospects based on LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn has 433 million registered users […]